Influencer of the Month: Sophie Spencer

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Welcome back to our second edition of the Influencer of the Month where we showcase tips, tricks and inspo from some of our favourite influencers.

Today, we are introducing… Sophie Spencer.

Sophie Spencer is an Aussie travel blogger who lives a life full of adventure, spontaneity and ‘pinch me’ moments. When she is not gallivanting across the globe, she can be found hanging out in a funky café in Brisbane’s inner suburbs or playing back-to-back netball games at the indoor courts.

Sophie got her start in Instablogging at such a young age. “I picked up a camera from a young age and have barely been able to keep it out of my hands since. I feel like I have a lot to thank my parents from, as they opened me up to the big wide world of travel when I was just 6 years old. It’s safe to say that I picked up the travel bug a lot quicker than most. My Instagram started off as a personal account, but after heading off on an exchange program whilst studying my Bachelor’s degree in Photography, I decided to document my travels and experiences in a more serious matter and voila! Adventures of Soph was born.”

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Sophie’s favourite road trip destinations

I am a sucker for a good road trip but I somehow have an easy top 3.

  • Great Ocean Road, Victoria: It was the combination of spontaneous moments, sunrises from the back of the van and being reunited with my best friends that live in England.
  • Cairns to Port Douglas and beyond to the Daintree, Queensland: Short, but so very sweet. In my opinion, the drive from Cairns to Daintree is one of the most beautiful drives you can do in Australia. I feel lucky enough to call Cairns home, having done the leg to Port Douglas too many times to count. There are so many beautiful beaches to stop in at along the way, making it for a perfect day road trip.
  • Scotland: Taking it international because Scotland is just simply incredible. I never once thought I’d be able to cruise through the Scottish Highlands with such freedom, let alone be amazed at just how stunning the scenery is.


Sophie’s road trip must-haves
  • An AUX cord: What’s a road trip without a banging playlist?
  • Friends: Moments are best shared, right? Plus, it’s almost guaranteed that you are going to take many wrong turns, will need a duet partner to belt out those tunes and someone to pass you some chips & dip while you drive.


Sophie’s top tips for people renting a car/camper
  • Get a full coverage insurance: Always, always, always get full cover insurance. Luckily nothing has ever happened to me whilst I have been on the road, but you never know when something will. It will give you peace of mind and will help with the whole ‘stress less’ mentality on the road.
  • Always plan ahead: If you are travelling in peak season, consider planning ahead. Look, I am all for living life on the edge and being spontaneous with my travels but there comes a time when things are just way too busy to just go with the flow. This is a little bit different if you have the freedom that comes with a camper, but if not, you should have a look at the accommodation options prior to travelling.
  • Be prepared: The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road, watching the night come near, calling every place within distance to see if they have vacancies.
The photo Sophie is most proud of…

It’s such a tough thing to ask considering I have 3TB of photographs just from the last 3 years of travel. If there was one photo though, it would have to be from the morning that I spent down at the Camel Race tracks in Abu Dhabi. It was when I started to shift back into taking more of an authentic, social documentary approach to what I was posting on my Instagram and this was the one photo that did it for me…

Sophie’s tips on becoming a social media influencer

Be authentically you. There are so many social media influencers out there and to ‘make it’ you really need to stand out. Do what you love and post what you love, otherwise you could very easily get sucked into the mentality of doing it for the ‘freebies’ and not because you believe in the brand or are loyal to your followers.

It’s also so easy to drop interest if you don’t actually love what you are posting and preaching! Trust me, it’s not as simple and breezy as it seems! With that being said, it’s an amazing field that I am so passionate about and truly encourage people to jump on the bandwagon.


You can find Sophie Spencer on Instagram at adventuresofsophh

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