Influencer of the Month: Josh Withers

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Are you looking for amazing road trip ideas? Well, you have come to the right place. Welcome to our new travel series where we will showcase tips, tricks and inspo from some of our favourite influencers.

Introducing… Josh Withers

As we all know, Instagram photography is becoming an epic way that people can showcase their creativity, where Josh Withers does just that.

For work, Josh is a marriage celebrant and lucky for him weddings and elopements happen in the best parts of Planet Earth. After a wedding ceremony has finished it’s usually pretty close to sunset so he uses his DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone to capture some amazing photos. We love the drone images that Josh captures on his travels! VroomVroomVroom brings to you an insight into the life of a photographer and his top tips for your next road trip.

You can find Josh on Instagram at @joshwithersart

Paradise (Chinamen’s Bluff), New Zealand.
Josh’s favourite road trip destinations
  • The Great Ocean Road, Australia: Most of my favourite road trips have nothing to do with the destination and everything to do with the journey, like the classic Great Ocean Road or the drive from Perth and Esperance.
  • Glencory, New Zealand: One of my favourites has to be the road to Glenorchy in New Zealand. The road itself is littered with views, walks, and a whole lot of lake, but my tip is to get to Glenorchy and to keep on driving to the end of the road to Paradise. On the map it’s called Chinaman’s Bluff, and the 20 minute hike at the end of the road to the Paradise Valley is a million times more valuable than the cost of the flights to Queenstown.
The Great Ocean Road, Australia.
Josh’s top 3 road trip must-haves
  • Coffee.
  • Car chargers for the tech.
  • Great playlist. My wife’s road trip playlists are her specialty, so the trip’s always better with her on my side.
Blue Mountains, Australia.
Josh’s top tips for people renting a car
  • Research: Unlike airlines, car rental companies don’t seem to offer a lot to loyal customers so do your research and go searching for the best deal.
  • Insurance: I make sure that my excess is covered in my travel insurance so I can save on the excess reduction costs.
  • The perfect car: The detail we used to always forget was to get a car that’s not only big enough for our crew, but also for our bags! 
Joshua Tree, USA.
The photo Josh is most proud of…

My last photo is always my proudest, I’m forever learning how to capture, frame, and edit better, but in the last twelve months I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of the world, and the most colourful part was outside of Queenstown. If you visit this forest 50 weeks out of the year it is either green or brown, but for the shortest time it’s as colourful as a rainbow.

You can find Josh Withers on Instagram at @joshwithersart 

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