Inspiring Road Trip Videos From The World’s Top Travel Vloggers

One of the best ways to explore each destination is by car or campervan because you can stop any time to enjoy the amazing views. That’s why it isn’t surprising that more people prefer embarking on a self-drive trip rather than joining a tour because they have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything they want.

To help you decide where to go on your next holiday, we have compiled a list of the most inspiring road trip videos from top travel vloggers. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube about road trips, but finding a video that would make you want to hop in your car right now and leave right away takes real skills and talent. Check out what some of these vloggers have to say about their road trip experience and enjoy watching their awesome videos. 

Nelson Ferreira – Australia

Of all the places I have been lucky enough to travel to, nothing has beaten the road trip I did through the Australian East Coast. Along with two of my closest friends we drove with virtually no plans at all. That’s what I believe is the magic of doing road trips, being able to do as many stops as you want, and not knowing what you will find in the next corner. Climbing a mountain, swimming in waterfalls, watching kangaroos on the beach, and even running into a Cassowary (a massive bird that looks like a dinosaur, no joke) were some of the things we got to experience. I would highly recommend this route to any person seeking the true adventure that such a beautiful country like Australia has to offer. – Nelson

Mark Harrison – Iceland

Here are 10 reasons you should do a Roadtrip around Iceland.

  1. The golden circle – possibly the worlds most epic roadtrip. can be done in a week or longer if you want.
  2. Hot springs and waterfalls everywhere!
  3. Northern lights (In winter season)
  4. Glaciers and ice caving
  5. Trekking and hiking
  6. Icelandic horses!
  7. Volcanoes – literally everywhere!
  8. Diving
  9. An every changing landscape around every bend
  10. Amazing people with a rich culture of mystery

It’s just the most picturesque place on earth, You have beautiful memories for a lifetime. – Mark

California Through My Lens – USA

The drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is one that is completed hundreds of thousands of times each year. Most people speed along the 4-hour drive through the desert but if you have some extra time there are a lot of fun roadside attractions that you can stop at and make a day out of exploring. My favorite is the bottle tree ranch, but check out this video and stop at any that pique your interest. – Josh

Dan Carter – United Kingdom

I think when it comes to a road trip, it’s less about where you go but who you go with. The UK may not be as dramatic as Iceland, or as beautiful as the Amalfi Coast but it does happen to be on my doorstep so it would be crazy not to take advantage of that. You can drive a couple of hours outside the city of London and be immersed in beautiful green rolling hills. That’s what road trips are all about; escaping the chaos of everyday life and exploring your own backyard. – Dan

Michael Roberts – New Zealand

New Zealand is the perfect country for a road trip! It is the home to an incredible range of scenery and experiences with so many unique places at every stop. With the size of New Zealand this means you don’t have to drive far to see these sometimes massive changes and it really feels like you’re visiting multiple countries in one day! On top of the scenery it’s great to get a feel for New Zealand’s laid back but adventurous lifestyle and lovely people. I have had an unreal amount of unforgettable experiences road tripping through this beautiful country. I feel so lucky to live in a place like this and I would recommend and love for anyone to come and experience that too! – Michael

Way Away – Lithuania

Lithuania is a hidden gem. It’s not like other countries in Europe that are overcrowded and teaming with tourists year-round. Lithuania is a place where you can relax and embrace the local food, culture, and nature without having to search for the experience. My husband and I planned a multiple day road trip starting in Vilnius, the capital city, and decided to drive the Tree Top Walk in Anyksciai. Along the way we enjoyed looking at all the houses, fields, and even spotted an elk. We enjoyed the trees changing color on our tree top walk and even got to stay with locals. If you’re looking for a truly authentic experience, Lithuania will deliver. – Ashley

Bosch Voyage – Canada

The first time driving in, the first thing I noticed is how tall the mountains were. I could literally see the mountains from out of my sunroof. Then once I was settled, there was so much to do with so much variety. Hikes with beautiful lakes, mountain views, and waterfalls; plus there’s the city of Banff, multiple hot spring locations, and other amazing turn of the century structures. All this makes for one amazing trip in an amazing park with more variety than many places in the world have to offer. – Michael

Vega Brothers – Big Sur, USA

Road Trip Randy – California, USA

Fearless and Far – New England, USA

Damon And Jo – New Mexico, USA

Samuel and Audrey – Nevada, USA

Mel & Jona Travel – Oregon Coast, USA

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