Darth Vader Car from Hot Wheels

Darth Vader, also known as Anakin Skywalker before he fell to the dark side of the Force, is known for piloting a TIE fighter. But have you ever wondered what his car would be like if he had one? “Star Wars” fans who were at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego were lucky to get a glimpse of the real-life Darth Vader car.


Darth Vader TIE Fighter, photo credit: Ratomodeling.com

LucasFilm and Hot Wheels collaborated to create cool rides inspired by the popular sci-fi trilogy Star Wars. Mattel created a life-size version of the Darth Vader car and it was exhibited at their booth at Comic-Con. First look at the car and you will know who owns this ride because of the resemblance to the Vader mask. Car and Driver shared some cool facts about Hot Wheel’s Darth Vader car.


Darth Vader Car at Comic-Con, photo credit: adweek.com

It was based on the C5 Chevrolet Corvette and weighs about 50% lighter than the actual Corvette.  If you think that this car is for display only, then you are wrong.  Read more

VroomVroomVroom Destination Battle Prize Pack Winner!

VroomVroomVroom wants to congratulate Kerren from Dubbo, New South Wales, winner of the Ultimate Travel Kit in the random drawing following our Destination Battle tournament of cities, held throughout June on our Facebook page! For info about the contest, check out this page — Win the Ultimate Travel Kit — and keep an eye on our blog and social media for future cool contests from VroomVroomVroom!

Congrats, Kerren, from the whole team at VroomVroomVroom!

Kerren from Australia, with her iPad Mini, GoPro Hero3+, and Philips headphones

Kerren from Australia, with her iPad Mini, GoPro Hero3+, and Philips headphones

Roadtrippin’ in Australia

Australia is a vast country with major landscape changes and environments that may affect your road trip plans. With different cities prone to freak weather surges and unforeseeable circumstances, it is extremely important to do some research before you intend to take a road trip.

Storm in BrisbaneConsider the region/s you plan to drive through and also the time of year. Make sure you have clear directions, so you do not find yourself lost or take the long way round.


On the outback roads and highways between major cities, it is not uncommon to see native animals in the wild like kangaroos and koalas.  Read more

Hot August Nights in Reno

Hot August Nights 4

Attention all car and music lovers! The best way to beat the hot summer nights is by attending this cool event in the American Southwest. The Hot August Nights will feature car shows, drag races, and live musical entertainment. Witness the streets of Reno, Sparks, and Tahoe South get filled with classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars and 60’s fashion. It’s just like entering the movie set of “Grease” or “The Blues Brothers”.


The nostalgic event will begin on July 25 and end on August 3, so it’s going to be a week-long bash of car and music overload. Hot August Nights celebrates America’s love affairs with cars and rock n’ roll, but have you ever wondered how this annual event started? Here’s a brief history of one of Nevada’s most colorful events:

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Paris Named VroomVroomVroom Destination Battle Champion


Last month, VroomVroomVroom held its biggest contest ever, with a prize pack valued at around $1,000 including an iPad Mini, a GoPro camera, and Philips headphones! With no purchase necessary & open to anyone worldwide, the pack was won by Kerren Hutchison of Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia.

Tied into the drawing was our first-ever Destination Battle, where we asked our followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to choose the most attractive world city that you would love to visit!

facebook-photoHere now is a brief look back at the 32-city tournament, and the shocking upsets that stunned many of our customers as well as many of our car rental experts here at VroomVroomVroom!

In the first round, 32 popular & beautiful cities around the world were paired off and the simple question was, “Where would you rather…?” These matchups included the very first Destination Battle, in which the USA’s Honolulu, Hawaii triumphed over Queenstown, New Zealand. Moscow then survived a match against Dubai, and the tournament was well under way…

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Terms and Conditions..

If someone wanted to drive your new car, what would be your conditions?

Car-Dealership-2As I collected a car rental this last week I actually thought to myself, if I had a brand new car and someone wanted to borrow it, would I let them?

At first I thought yes sure if someone needed to borrow my new $20,000 investment, I would be okay with that.

Then I thought about it a bit more …

Would I seriously just hand over the keys to my new car, to a complete stranger, with no conditions? Having some insight into the car rental industry, I know that for the most part, people who hire cars genuinely want to get from Point A to Point B and would prefer to use a car rather than public transport or taxis.

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Breaking news: F1 Legend Michael Schumacher “Out of Coma”

Seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher has been released from a hospital in Grenoble, France, after emerging from a coma that followed a skiing accident 6 months ago.

Michael SchumacherSchumacher, who turned 45 in January, was born in West Germany and is considered one of the greatest drivers in F1 history. He was called “statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen” by Formula One on its official website.

Schumacher was placed in a medically induced coma following a traumatic brain injury suffered while skiing in Meribel, France, in December.

He holds the F1 records for most championships, most career race wins, and most race wins in a season (13 in 2004, later matched by Sebastian Vettel in 2013).

Schumacher is said to be continuing rehabilitation at an undisclosed location, according to a family statement quoted by the BBC. His family thanked the doctors, nurses and therapists who have treated him, as well as fans and others for the outpouring of support. “We are sure it helped him,” the family said.

VroomVroomVroom sends our best wishes to Mr. Schumacher during his recovery.

UPDATE: The BBC reports that Mr. Schumacher has been moved to Lausanne university hospital in Switzerland.

Musk: Tesla Motors Will Open its Patents to Everyone

American electric car and powertrain company Tesla Motors announced Thursday that it will open its patents to everyone, according to a report by Jerry Hirsch and Tiffany Hsu in the Los Angeles Times.

The surprising move comes just a year after the public company, traded on the NASDAQ stock market as TSLA, announced for the first time it had turned a profit. The gain in the first quarter of 2013 was very positive for the decade-old company. But Tesla’s stock price tumbled 26 percent in November in the wake of 3 headline-grabbing incidents of Tesla Model S luxury sedans catching fire over a 6-week period in the U.S., as reported by ABC News.

2014 Tesla Model S

2014 Tesla Model S

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