Pizza Friday with the VroomVroomVroom Philippines Team

The VroomVroomVroom team in Manila works hard — and we eat hard, too! Filipinos are known for their love for food. In fact, some of us eat 5 times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. We’re not from Middle-earth, but some of us practice the Seven Daily Hobbit Meals.

The seven daily Hobbit meals

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (image credit –

Our big boss Mike Boyd knows our weakness and treated us to pizza and chicken wings last Friday. It was awesome having a chat with VroomVroomVroom’s CEO and hearing all the great news about the company.

Team Lunch (8-22-14)
In photo (L-R): Joefrey Cabanilla, Lin Tan, Jaime Hing III, Jep Barroga, Mike Boyd, Mic Florendo, Ace Lima, Ghialyn Santos, Justine Dinampo, Catherine Chiong, Michael Tibay, and Eliz Ibanes

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The 4 Easiest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License – a VroomVroomVroom Infographic

On Monday, we shared with you the VroomVroomVroom list of The 7 Hardest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License. Today, VroomVroomVroom’s Giannina Pacheco wants to tell you all about the opposite end of the spectrum — several nations where registering with the government to operate a car isn’t so tought, and when you exclaim, “I DO HAVE A DRIVER’S LICENSE!” in the local airport or car rental depot, it won’t be viewed as a particularly noteworthy achievement.

So whether you’re a businessperson from Brisbane, a cabbie from California, or an unlucky kid from the United Kingdom, take a look at The 4 Easiest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License!

easiest places to obtain driver's license

Gia Pacheco is a Marketing Assistant and Car Rental Expert at VroomVroomVroom. She has also written about the Best Train Journeys in the World.

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Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Can-Am Spyder and Almost Gets Into Trouble

Justin Bieber is probably one of the luckiest guys in the world! He has everything a 20-year old guy could dream of – fame, fortune, girls, and cool rides. According to Forbes, the Canadian pop star already has a total of $80 million earnings as of June 2014. He can buy anything he wants and he even gets loads of freebies from different sponsors.

justin bieber cash

(image credit: Live 95.9)

The YouTube sensation is fond of collecting cars and he has been spotted driving some of the world’s most expensive vehicles and motorcycles, including the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador, Fisker Karma, 997 Porsche Turbo, and MV Agusta.


Justin Bieber driving a Ferrari 458 Italia (image credit: Celebrity Cars Blog)

The latest addition to Justin Bieber’s collection is the Can-Am Spyder RT and he recently showed off his new ride together with his posse in Beverly Hills. TMZ was able to capture a video of the singer driving his roadster on the sidewalk and almost hitting a pedestrian.

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The 7 Hardest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License – a VroomVroomVroom Infographic

At VroomVroomVroom, we love to hear from our rental car customers. A question that comes up every so often is, “Is it harder to get a license to drive in New Zealand than it is in Australia?” Or, “What about the United States? Is it very hard to pass a driving exam over there?” So to answer those questions and several more, VroomVroomVroom car hire expert Giannina Pacheco created this cool infographic about the 7 hardest places to obtain your license to drive!

hardest places to obtain a driver's license

Gia Pacheco is a Marketing Assistant and Car Rental Expert at VroomVroomVroom. She has also written about the Best Train Journeys in the World.

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Pitfalls To Avoid When You’re Hiring a Car in New Zealand

Hiring a car in New Zealand? Here are some pitfalls you’ll need to be aware of

New Zealand

Photo: Paul Bica

If you’re going to take a vacation in New Zealand and you are from the USA or Canada, you’ll find a few differences when you arrive in New Zealand. Firstly, everyone drives on the wrong side of the road just like the British, and secondly, their road markings and road signs are a little different.

Fortunately, most things are quite self-explanatory. They do follow either international conventions or are easy enough to understand, but there are a few quirks that can trip you up, and you don’t want to have your hire car impounded or to be charged a fine.

You’ll need to know the basic road rules. There’s a free tourist Road Code quiz here ( – there are 66 questions and it’ll take you about 10-15 minutes to familiarise yourself with a few signs and rules that are important.

Let’s also take a look at three things you need to know.

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Is Your Country the Worst for Traffic Accidents? – A VroomVroomVroom Infographic

Canadian novelist Andrew Davidson wrote that “Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, often violently, just like love.” At VroomVroomVroom, we all hope that every time you drive a rental car — or for that matter, any vehicle — you don’t have to be involved in any traffic accident on the road.

But it’s worth noting, we think, the places with the most vehicles on those roads, as well as where in the world you most need to be careful. So here is an infographic for all of you, prepared by VroomVroomVroom car rental expert Jeffrey Barroga. It also contains some interesting facts about countries with declining numbers of traffic accidents, and the one country in the world with no traffic accidents reported!

Drive safely!

World Traffic Accident Facts (final)

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2014 US Open: Best Place To See Tennis Superstars And Their Cool Cars

One of the biggest sporting events in the United States is the US Open, which is held annually between August and September. This year, the spectacular tennis tournament will be held from August 25 to September 8 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center Grounds in New York City.

USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center Grounds

USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

Tennis fans from all over the world are all set to fly to New York to witness world-class athletes compete at the 2014 US Open. The tournament will features five championships: men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. There are also special competitions for juniors, players in a wheelchair, and former tennis champions.

In time for the 2014 US Open, we would like to feature the cool cars of some of the greatest tennis players in the world. Seeing their cars will surely make you wish that you’re a tennis superstar too.

Boris Becker – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Supercar

Boris Becker car

Boris Becker driving his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Supercar (Rotello/ Rex Features)

The German player had a fruitful career in professional tennis back in the 80s. He won six Grand Slam singles championships, earned an Olympic gold medal for doubles championship, and was the youngest player to win at Wimbledon’s men’s singles.  Read more

Interview with Anna from The Legendary Adventures of Anna

Anna from the Legendary Adventures of Anna

Anna in Maine, December 2013, courtesy:

Have you ever wanted to live a life on the road, trekking from one adventure to the next and living life to its fullest?

VroomVroomVroom Marketing Manager Luke Chapman recently sat down for a chat with Anna from, the Internet home of The Legendary Adventures of Anna! Featuring her beautiful photography and posts that reflect her passion for life, Anna’s budget travel adventures are followed by over 25 thousand folks on Facebook and Twitter combined!

Read travel blogs about Anna’s previous adventures and follow her as she circles the globe — she’s The Legendary Adventures of Anna on Facebook and @crazyintherain on Twitter. You can also find her on Instagram, on Google+ , on her YouTube channel, and on Pinterest!

Luke Chapman is Marketing Manager and a car rental expert at VroomVroomVroom. He blogs about the travel industry and Australia at and also recently interviewed Gary Arndt from Everything, Everywhere.

French artist Benedetto Bufalino’s custom Jacuzzi car

Is Summer your favorite time of the year? Hanging out with your friends and relaxing in the hot sunshine is a favorite pastime for many of our VroomVroomVroom car rental customers, but have you ever thought of turning an old, unwanted car into a jacuzzi bath?

jacuzzi car

Benedetto Bufalino’s Jacuzzi Car, photo by Benedetto Bufalino

French artist Benedetto Bufalino ( recently did just that, turning a Seat Ibiza from a road-traveling sedan into a heat-beating jacuzzi! Check out this cool video, and if you’re like us, ponder how much it would cost to have one of these in your yard…!

A Vroomster Shares Her Commuter’s Traffic Survival Guide for Manila

One of the top tourist spots in Asia is Manila, Philippines because of its beautiful scenery, cheap cost of living, great food, excellent shopping and warm hospitality, but there’s one thing you have to deal with once you get there – and that is traffic! Manila may not be included in Forbes’ list of the world’s most traffic-congested cities, but it is included in Huffingtonpost’s top 10 absolute worst places to drive in the world.

photo by Luke Chapman

Pasig River overlooking Binondo (Photo by Luke Chapman)

There are many factors as to why the traffic in Manila is bad and one of the leading causes is vehicular accidents. Just a few days ago, a 14-wheeler dump truck lost its brakes and crashed into several vehicles. That happened on a Monday morning, which is also one of the worst days to travel to work or school. Despite the number-coding scheme, major and even minor roads were packed with vehicles inching their way to their destination. The traffic congestion lasted until night time.

Monday traffic along EDSA

Monday traffic along EDSA (Photo from PhilStar)

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