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On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. The impact and resulting tidal surge caused significant damage and loss of life.

VroomVroomVroom carefully considered how we may be able to help victims of natural disasters as a company.

We have decided that one way we can help is through making available loans for entrepreneurs and business owners who may need a short term loan to restart their business and reinvest in rebuilding the infrastructure of the Philippines. The loans are eventually repaid and re-loaned to someone else in need. In this way, our company will keep funds available ongoing.

Kiva promotional imageThe organization called Kiva (based in the United States) lends money out to a cross section of the global community. Whether it be a family in Sudan who needs a loan to fix their house, an entrepreneur starting up a business in Cambodia, a farmer in Vietnam needing to buy pigs or someone in the Philippines who needs to rebuild after a typhoon. The idea is that we lend money and they make repayments and we will continue to lend the money over and over again.

Since 2005, Kiva has crowd-funded more than 1 million loans, totaling more than a half a billion dollars, at a repayment rate of 99 percent.

We have been helping in this way since April 2014, and in the coming weeks, we will share with our blog readers and social media followers more info about the people and communities receiving help.

It seems to be working well and hopefully making a difference.

The company we are using to facilitate these transactions — Loans that change lives — is found at Kiva.org. We encourage you to visit the site and learn more today.


Weird Traffic Rules in the USA – a VroomVroomVroom Infographic

At VroomVroomVroom, our Car Rental Experts know that there are plenty of weird traffic laws and regulations around the world, but our favorites are in the United States!

For those who don’t know, there are 50 different states (such as California & Texas), 14 territories (like Puerto Rico), and the federal District of Columbia — and they all have their own sets of laws! Most of the time, they’re very similar or exactly the same as elsewhere, but sometimes there are unique, special, and downright WEIRD traffic rules! VroomVroomVroom Content Writer Mic Florendo shares a few of them with you in this handy, hilarious infographic!


Weird Traffic Rules in the USA (Infographic)

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5 Great Reasons to Rent an RV Instead of Staying in a Hotel

The best part of going on vacation is having a blast on the road with the people who matter to you. Whether you’re a young person going to the beach with friends, a couple visiting a far-off attraction or driving to see family, or a pair of empty nesters just enjoying retirement, RV rental can add a lot of enjoyment to an already fun time. There’s no need to struggle with planning a trip, and it’s perfectly ok if you want to fly somewhere, rent a car (use VroomVroomVroom – cheap plug!), and stay in a hotel room. But there are several reasons why I feel that renting an RV or motorhome would make your road trip adventure a little more special. So let’s get to them …

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Counting Down in Christchurch to the NZ IceFest 2014

Have you ever wondered what it’s like living in Antarctica? Experience the sights, sounds, and culture of Antarctica at the NZ IceFest 2014! The much-awaited event will be held between September 27 and October 12, 2014. No need to board an airplane leaving from Christchurch International Airport just to experience the best of Antarctica. The Christchurch City Council, in cooperation with over 40 partner organisations, will bring you an amazing line up of activities and events related to Antarctica right in the heart of the City of Christchurch.

penguins photo by Lizzy Farthing

Photo credit: Lizzy Farthing

Christchurch is one of the gateways to Earth’s southernmost continent. The city has been involved in Antarctic exploration for years and you can learn more about that by visiting the Canterbury Museum. For an unforgettable interactive experience, make sure to attend the New Zealand IceFest, where you can participate in all sorts of activities such as boarding an Antarctic plane and watching Sled Dog Racing!

sled dog

Photo credit: gillmar – Shutterstock

To explain more about the NZ IceFest 2014, here’s an exclusive interview with Kat Ralph-Triebels (NZ IceFest Producer / Events Business Coordinator):

VVV: There are so many amazing places in New Zealand that are worth promoting, what made you choose Antarctica which is more than 7 hours away by plane from NZ?

Kat: New Zealand, and specifically Christchurch, has a unique relationship with Antarctica as we are home to one of five Antarctic gateways in the world. New Zealand is proud of its leadership in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and we want to increase the awareness of our involvement with this mysterious continent and educate people about the importance of Antarctic science and climate change studies.

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Should They Have Produced the Concept Cars Instead? – a VroomVroomVroom infographic

Since the 1950s, car and driving enthusiasts and classic car collectors have been fascinated by the concept car. As defined by Wikipedia, “A concept vehicle [...] is a car made to showcase new styling and/or new technology [...] often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not be mass-produced.”

I was thinking — always a dangerous event — in August about concept cars and whether or not the car companies made the best decisions about which cars to mass produce. Thankfully, we live in the Internet Age, and whereas our grandparents could not learn easily about concept cars unless they subscribed to specialty magazines, we have a lot more information readily available!

So with the help of other VroomVroomVroom car rental experts, I created this cool infographic to inform you, our blog readers and customers, about several interesting concept cars of the last 6 decades. It even compares them to the models produced by the automotive manufacturers — including Lincoln (a subsidiary of Ford), Pontiac, Toyota, and Peugeot.

I hope you enjoy reading my graphic, and please leave a comment in the Disqus box down below about your favorite car — concept or production — from your driving lifetime!


Concept and Production Cars Infographic


Jason Dickson is a Content Writer and Car Rental Expert at VroomVroomVroom. He recently wrote about the VroomVroomVroom Destination Battle … did your favorite city win?

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Pizza Friday with the VroomVroomVroom Philippines Team

The VroomVroomVroom team in Manila works hard — and we eat hard, too! Filipinos are known for their love for food. In fact, some of us eat 5 times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. We’re not from Middle-earth, but some of us practice the Seven Daily Hobbit Meals.

The seven daily Hobbit meals

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (image credit – askmiddlearth.tumblr.com)

Our big boss Mike Boyd knows our weakness and treated us to pizza and chicken wings last Friday. It was awesome having a chat with VroomVroomVroom’s CEO and hearing all the great news about the company.

Team Lunch (8-22-14)
In photo (L-R): Joefrey Cabanilla, Lin Tan, Jaime Hing III, Jep Barroga, Mike Boyd, Mic Florendo, Ace Lima, Ghialyn Santos, Justine Dinampo, Catherine Chiong, Michael Tibay, and Eliz Ibanes

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The 4 Easiest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License – a VroomVroomVroom Infographic

On Monday, we shared with you the VroomVroomVroom list of The 7 Hardest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License. Today, VroomVroomVroom’s Giannina Pacheco wants to tell you all about the opposite end of the spectrum — several nations where registering with the government to operate a car isn’t so tought, and when you exclaim, “I DO HAVE A DRIVER’S LICENSE!” in the local airport or car rental depot, it won’t be viewed as a particularly noteworthy achievement.

So whether you’re a businessperson from Brisbane, a cabbie from California, or an unlucky kid from the United Kingdom, take a look at The 4 Easiest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License!

easiest places to obtain driver's license


Gia Pacheco is a Marketing Assistant and Car Rental Expert at VroomVroomVroom. She has also written about the Best Train Journeys in the World.

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Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Can-Am Spyder and Almost Gets Into Trouble

Justin Bieber is probably one of the luckiest guys in the world! He has everything a 20-year old guy could dream of – fame, fortune, girls, and cool rides. According to Forbes, the Canadian pop star already has a total of $80 million earnings as of June 2014. He can buy anything he wants and he even gets loads of freebies from different sponsors.

justin bieber cash

(image credit: Live 95.9)

The YouTube sensation is fond of collecting cars and he has been spotted driving some of the world’s most expensive vehicles and motorcycles, including the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador, Fisker Karma, 997 Porsche Turbo, and MV Agusta.


Justin Bieber driving a Ferrari 458 Italia (image credit: Celebrity Cars Blog)

The latest addition to Justin Bieber’s collection is the Can-Am Spyder RT and he recently showed off his new ride together with his posse in Beverly Hills. TMZ was able to capture a video of the singer driving his roadster on the sidewalk and almost hitting a pedestrian.

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The 7 Hardest Places to Obtain Your Driver’s License – a VroomVroomVroom Infographic

At VroomVroomVroom, we love to hear from our rental car customers. A question that comes up every so often is, “Is it harder to get a license to drive in New Zealand than it is in Australia?” Or, “What about the United States? Is it very hard to pass a driving exam over there?” So to answer those questions and several more, VroomVroomVroom car hire expert Giannina Pacheco created this cool infographic about the 7 hardest places to obtain your license to drive!

hardest places to get driver's license


Gia Pacheco is a Marketing Assistant and Car Rental Expert at VroomVroomVroom. She has also written about the Best Train Journeys in the World.

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