VroomVroomVroom Interviews Kylie of Travel Reviews by Kylie

‘Fresh legs’ is a term in sports such as football, and it means a substitute who hasn’t yet played in a match, and who therefore will have more energy than those already on the field. A few weeks ago, VroomVroomVroom sat down for a chat with Dave of Dave’s Travel Corner, one of the oldest and most honored blogs online.

photo by Kylie

Photo courtesy of Travel Reviews by Kylie

This time, we want to bring to you an in-depth conversation with a Victorian who has just started out in the world of travel writing, Kylie of Travel Reviews by Kylie.

Travel Reviews by Kylie began this year as a Facebook-based travelogue that features reviews of beautiful destinations across Australia, including accomodations, campervan parks and similar tourism businesses. Accompanied by Kylie’s outstanding photos, which she also shares via Instagram, this is one of the fastest-growing ‘fresh legs’ travel pages, and Kylie tells us that a web domain is also being developed. Kylie’s work has also been featured by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation — not your TV network, Americans.) Check out her ABC Open page right here.

We think that our car rental customers will enjoy Kylie’s enthusiasm and gorgeous pics just as much as we do!

VroomVroomVroom Car Rental Blog: I’ve read on Travel Reviews by Kylie on Facebook that your passions are travel & photography. What ultimately inspired you to “just go for it” and become a travel writer-photographer and business reviewer?

Travel Reviews by Kylie: I recently turned 40 and I thought to myself, I have spent the majority of my adult life raising our 4 children. Now it’s my time to pursue what I love to do!

VroomVroomVroom: Tell our readers a little more about Kylie.

Kylie: I am a wife, mum of 4 and am also now working 3 days a week in Customer Service and on my days off, I am committed to this new venture. I have not always been determined, but find now that I am very determined and a stronger person. Maybe life’s lessons lean you this way! I have a loving, caring and I think funny personality, and am a little bit of a joker. And I love to help others, when I can. I enjoy the beach, bush and high country. Not a lover of the snow.

VroomVroomVroom: Has a family member or anyone else in your past influenced you to travel or write?

Kylie: Not at all. One night I was laying in bed and I thought to myself, how can I travel and get to take photos? — This is how the idea came about. I have had no writing experience previously, and I’m totally enjoying everything about this venture. Photography, travel, meeting new people, making friends … everything about it really is just unreal!

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New York City Wine and Food Festival

New York City is one of the best cities in the United States for foodies! It is known for its food trucks, fusion cuisine and crazy dining trends. It was even included in the “Top 15 Best Food Cities in the World”, so make sure to come and visit New York City for the ultimate food adventure.


photo by foodtrucktreknyc.com

The best time to go the Big Apple is during the NYC Wine and Food Festival where you are assured of having the best gastronomic experience. If you aren’t doing anything between October 16 and 19, then hop into your rental car or book the first flight to New York to attend one of the biggest wine and food festivals in the world.


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VroomVroomVroom CEO Mike Boyd to Speak at TRAVELtech 2014

Mike Boyd

Mike Boyd

VroomVroomVroom Managing Director and CEO Mike Boyd will address the TRAVELtech 2014 conference in Sydney on October 24, sharing his experiences and advice with Australia’s leading web travel, marketing and technology professionals.

Mr. Boyd is the Managing Director and CEO of VroomVroomVroom, a global group of car rental comparison websites that make it easy to book a rental car anywhere in the world. He leads a team of over 40 car rental experts across 6 countries.

Mr. Boyd is also a Director of the Australian Institute of Management’s Young Manager Advisory Board and an investor in early-stage technology ventures.

Vroom’s customers can find the cheapest deals from 17 major car rental brands and then book a vehicle directly, without the need to visit another site. On average, the process takes less than 2 minutes.

The company also owns and operates the sister sites  CarHire.com.au and BargainWheels.com.au.

For more information about VroomVroomVroom, check out our In the News and Press Kit pages.

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Flying Car: AeroMobil Transforms From Car To Plane

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!


graphic by mattrawle.com

No, it’s a FLYING CAR!


photo by dee zeen magazine

Getting caught in a traffic jam just like what I commonly experience in Manila or those living in Los Angeles would make anyone wish that their car can fly. AeroMobil has finally found a way to make your wish come true. Imagine taking off and passing over the multitude of vehicles on your city’s highways. That would surely make you feel like Superman, sans the blue tights and cape.

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Fastest Highways on Earth

“I feel the need … The need, for speed!” – Tom Cruise, Top Gun

"Maverick" Mitchell getting into Charlie's car - Top Gun, Paramount Pictures

“Maverick” Mitchell getting into Charlie’s car – Top Gun, Paramount Pictures

Motorists definitely can relate to ‘Maverick’ when it comes to going fast. Going from point A to point B is much more enjoyable with more speed. Nobody wants to spend hours driving within slow speed limits or crawling behind slowpoke vehicles.

Fortunately, there are a number of highways where motorists can legally push their cars – and even themselves – to the limit!

While US motorists don’t have an Autobahn, governments in several states are adopting higher speed limits. Texas leaves every other state in the dust for fast highway speeds with its 85MPH limit – the fastest highway in the US. Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah followed suit as well as America’s northern neighbor, Canada, which has also imposed higher speed limits on some of its highways.

If you are in Australia, you’re in luck. The Northern Territory government has removed the speed limit on Stuart Highway, allowing speedsters to blaze the 200-kilometer stretch of highway. Speed restrictions will be reinstated in February 2015, but Stuart Highway has already attracted motoring enthusiasts from other parts of Australia and other countries.

Speedsters from other parts of the globe need not worry, we at VroomVroomVroom have put together a list of highways where you can floor your gas pedals. Check out the infographic below:

Ten Fastest Highways on Earth infographic



But before you drive a rental car or your high performance car on these highways, remember to buckle up your seatbelts and drive safely according to your ability and the law.

Happy Driving!


Jeffrey Barroga is a Marketing Assistant and Car Rental Expert for VroomVroomVroom. He recently assembled the video list VroomVroomVroom’s Top 5 Modern Movie Car Chases. View it on our YouTube channel now!

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VroomVroomVroom Interviews Dave of Dave’s Travel Corner

Bangladesh kids

Kids in Bangladesh, photo Dave Levart.

Dave Levart has lived a pretty awesome life, as far as seeing the world and meeting tons of cool people is concerned.

In the video below, Dave tells us about how a flyer advertising a college trip changed his life almost 2 decades ago, and why traveling and writing is a way of life that he’ll never give up.

As a webpage about travel since 1996, Dave’s Travel Corner is one of the true cornerstones of travel blogging. It even predates the widespread use of the word blog, which is the reason why Dave can be considered one of the pioneers of blogging.

Sunflowers in Macedonia

Sunflowers in Macedonia, photo Dave Levart

Dave’s Travel Corner is a site that has grown over the years and today is a vibrant, complete online travel community.

But far from an aged, tired wise man or someone so experienced that he no longer fully enjoys what he’s doing, Dave’s enthusiasm is the first thing that struck me when I sat down to talk to him. He speaks (from his home in California) as he writes, with great detail and fascinating insight.

If you’ve read any of his blogs — check out this post from his recent adventure in Kyrgyzstan — you’ll know that Dave describes local beauty and hardship with equal skill.

Whether I read Dave’s account of cleaning up via a container of cold water during a homestay with locals, or hiking up to an amazing altitude, or taking a drink of water with a mossy taste, it creates emotional involvement with the people in that region. It also lets me live vicariously through all of the things Dave saw and did, both fun and difficult.

Like anyone’s, I’m sure Dave’s life has its share of ups and downs. But this is a man who seems truly happy with his accomplishments and experiences. I was proud to interview him for our VroomVroomVroom Car Rental Blog, and I encourage all of our readers to Follow @DaveDTC on Twitter and Like the Dave’s Travel Corner Facebook page and watch the YouTube interview above.

NOTE: Due to our technical malfunction, we lost Dave’s video feed, but he was kind enough to send us some photos from his adventures, which I’ll include after the jump along with links to all of his social media. (Click on Read more)

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Labour Day in Queensland: Where To Go With A Limited Budget

Labour Day is celebrated all over Australia, but the dates vary by state or region. In Queensland, they celebrate this holiday every first Monday of October. Since this day gives honor to all hardworking Aussies, most of them take time out from their work and enjoy a relaxing long weekend with their family and friends.


We know it’s an awesome match. But c’mon, let’s get out of the house and have some real fun!

You don’t necessarily have to travel to a different region to celebrate Labour Day, because there are many exciting things you can do right in Queensland. Some people even prefer staying at home or at their friend’s house and doing all sorts of fun activities like watching sports, having a movie marathon, or enjoying barbecues.

But VroomVroomVroom has also come up with a list of places that you can see and things you can do in Queensland – and they don’t cost that much!

Visit our Aussie site here and read all about the cheapest, best ways to enjoy Labour Day without emptying your wallet! Here’s a quick preview: The glow worms in the Tamborine Mountain Caves; Mini golf near Brisbane Airport; lagoon swimming in Cairns; chimpanzee talk at Rockhampton Zoo; and more!

Happy Labour Day, Queensland!

Vehicle Purchasing Guide: The Best Cars for Families

One of the most difficult decisions parents have to face is choosing the best car for their families. There are many things to consider when buying a car, and the final decision can vary greatly depending on who is purchasing. Based on studies, American women have more of a huge influence on purchasing cars than men do. As the population of the U.S. has aged (the Baby Boomers are now retirees), there has also been an increase in women having driver’s licenses. You can see the statistics below:

Women and Cars

There are many reasons why a woman (mom, wife, or partner) may make the decision to purchase a car rather than a man deciding. One factor is haggling, because women are more comfortable doing that. According to Auto Remarketing, 33.3 % of female responders said negotiation “makes car buying a fun process” compared to only 25.1 % of men respondents who felt that way. Women may also be more levelheaded and more informed than men in the automobile showroom, based on a recent study published by MSN Money.

The Wall Street Journal has reported a new study that advises men who are looking for a new car to bring their wives. Around 67% of women order a car inspection during a lease transfer, while on 54% of men will, based on research by LeaseTrader.com. When buying a car for the family, it is wise to bring your wife and some even let their wives do all of the purchasing because she usually ends up getting a good deal.

If you need some help in choosing a vehicle, check out VroomVroomVroom’s Infographic on the Best Cars for Families. You can also test drive some of these vehicles by renting a car with us and heading on a road trip with your family. (Please note that most rental car providers won’t guarantee a specific make and model for your booking, and reserve the right to provide you a similar size vehicle depending on supply.)

Best Cars For Families

Trans-Tasman Driving Tips

NZ Road Sign Have you ever been worried about driving in another country?

For Australians heading to New Zealand and vice versa, you will be pleased to know there is not much difference in the way you will drive.

No need to get stressed about driving on the wrong side of the road as both countries drive on the left side of the road.

Speed limits are also displayed in kilometers per hour and not miles per hour, so that helps as well.

Aus Road Sign

There use to be Give Way rules in New Zealand that were different to the Give Way rules in Australia and I would often get confused when driving in each country. You can find out more about the new Give Way rules in New Zealand here.

You can enjoy a 12 month road tripping get away in New Zealand if you hold an Australian license. You do not have to convert to a New Zealand license until 12 months after your arrival date.

And in Australia, New Zealand license holders have 3 months to convert to an Australian license. (These time periods are subject to change.)

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On a budget? Want to travel to Europe? Here’s the Only Chart You Need

woman with empty walletHave you ever wanted to travel to Europe and visit some of its historic capitals and urban centers? We’ve all dreamed of it, I think. Even those who have flown to London or to Paris or to Rome, rented a car, and explored the beauty and majesty of centuries-old architecture, art, and culture, would almost assuredly go back there in a heartbeat to see, hear, and enjoy more. But travel is never free and prices sometimes feel like they go up year after year … what to do?

At VroomVroomVroom, we just want you to have all of the information that will help you to plan whatever business trip or fun holiday that you want to take! We would be terribly remiss not to tell you about a recent study from the British Post Office and shared by The New York Times here.

The study ranks the best values among the “culture capitals” of Europe, which are a dozen major cities where you can enjoy the arts, such as classical music, art galleries, and museums. Interestingly, although a British study, London’s ballet, opera, and world heritage site were found to be among the most expensive.

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