Best Christmas Destinations According To Travel Bloggers

Still undecided where to go for the coming holidays? Let our travel blogger friends help you! We asked them their favorite place to spend Christmas. Having traveled to different parts of the world, they will be able to give the best recommendations. Check out their answers below:


MIke and Megan Jerrard

Contributed by: Meg Jerrard of Mapping Megan

Christmas in London is a magical time of the year, and if you’ve been forever dreaming of a white Christmas, London is our top choice for celebrating the holiday season. Celebrating Christmas in London means carols by candlelight, sipping mulled wine while wandering through Christmas markets, and classics like Scrooge and the Nutcracker on the West End. It means watching as the whole city sparkles from an endless string of festive lights, brisk strolls through snow covered streets, and taking a spin on outdoor ice rinks outside century old castles or on palace grounds.

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The Caribbean

christmas at the caribbean by mr and mrs howe

Contributed by: Kach and Jonathan Howe of Mr and Mrs Howe

After traveling full-time since 2013 visiting over 120 countries in all the 7 continents, this upcoming Christmas will be the one that I really look forward to the day. This is going to be our 2nd year of celebrating Christmas on our sailboat, SV Empress, but this time we will be in the Caribbean and more special because we have our two cats with us!

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Southeast Asia

Malacapuya Island, Palawan

Contributed by: Drew Binsky of Drew Binsky

My top 3 destinations for visiting this Christmas are Vietnam, The Philippines and Myanmar. All three countries are in Southeast Asia, which means that they are very affordable to visit and they have some of the nicest people on earth. You will never run out of picture-perfect beaches, temples and outdoor activities that will keep you busy during the holiday season.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Contributed by: Johnny Ward of One Step 4Ward

For Christmas? Number 1 is always home! For me that is Ireland. New York is of course a great place to spend Christmas too, as is Sydney, Australia. Seafood and hot weather is so foreign to us Europeans for a Christmas experience, I loved it. If I’m away from friends and family, then I prefer to be in a place where Christmas isn’t celebrated to be honest, that way I get less homesick. In the north east of China they have an amazing ice festival in Harbin, that’s a great spot to spend Christmas. The Copacabana beach in Rio isn’t bad either!

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Canmore, Alberta

Contributed by: Will Tang of Going Awesome Places

One of my favourite spots for Christmas is Whistler, Vancouver.  As a snowboarder, the prospect of hitting the mountain slopes, floating over fresh powder and wrapping up the night in a hot tub with snowflakes falling from above. It’s a magical experience that makes it perfect for the holidays.

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The Kosmans at the beach in Mexico

Contributed by: Charles and Micki Kosman of The Barefoot Nomad

While it never truly feels like Christmas if there isn’t snow on the ground, our favorite Christmas destination is still someplace warm. For us, that usually means Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Not only are flights cheap from our home base in Canada, we’re still in a similar time zone. That makes video chatting with our extended family relatively easy and also means the kids don’t miss out on joining any family celebrations back home. The plus is we can all still spend Christmas day swimming in the ocean or lounging by a pool and enjoying the many local Mexican Christmas traditions and celebrations around town.


christmas in jerez by indie travel podcast

Contributed by: Linda Martin of Indie Travel Podcast

If you’re looking for a Christmas experience that’s a little out of the ordinary, I’d recommend Jerez in southern Spain. Jerez is where sherry is from, so you could choose a glass of Fino or Amontillado. You may be lucky enough to see locals playing the zambomba, which is a strange instrument that looks like a large urn with a skin lid that is pierced by a stick. It makes a hollow rhythmic sound, and is accompanied by singing — sometimes the songs are quite bawdy! Jerez also hosts a nativity scene museum, and you’ll also see nativity scenes of all sizes around the city, from tiny ones in shop windows to life-sized ones featuring real animals.Plus, there are awesome Christmas lights, several parades, and all sorts of special Christmas treats to try.

We hope that our travel blogger friends have given you an idea where to celebrate the holiday season. No matter where you go, what is important is how you make it more meaningful. On behalf of the VroomVroomVroom family, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

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