5 Great Reasons to Rent an RV Instead of Staying in a Hotel

couple going on a road trip in an RV rental

The best part of going on a vacation is having a blast on the road with the people who matter to you most. Whether you’re planning to hit the beach with your friends or heading to a far-off attraction with your family, an RV rental can add a lot of enjoyment to an already fun time. There’s no need to struggle with planning a trip, and it’s perfectly fine if you want to fly somewhere, rent a car (using VroomVroomVroom of course), and stay in a hotel room. But there are several reasons why I feel that renting an RV or motorhome would make your road trip adventure a little more special.

Rent an RV or stay in a hotel?

RV rental advantage #1 – something different!

Traveling in a rented RV is new to a lot of people. Most of us, by the time we reach our teenage years perhaps, have been lucky enough to have spent the night in a nice hotel at least once or twice. Having the freedom to simply decide to park on a beautiful mountain road to have your lunch, or to wake up relaxing in a quiet campground space instead of whenever the door-knocking cleaning person wants you to check out? — These are only a couple of ways that the different experience of traveling in an RV rental is better.

RV rental advantage #2 – home amenities!

Have you seen these newer RV models? The inside spaces of most of them are incredibly luxurious. Comfortable sleeping areas, full kitchens, Wi-Fi, plenty of room to stretch out … and of course, you can bring pieces of your own home with you. Whether it’s your child’s favorite blanket, the family dog, or your extensive book collection, you can easily customize your time in the rental RV with all of the comforts of your year-round home.

interior of a luxurious RV rental

RV rental advantage #3 – easy access to the places you want to be!

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on this road trip because you want to enjoy a NASCAR race, because you want to visit a far-away city or country (I’m looking at you, Canada), or because you want to get lost — figuratively, not literally! — in one of the peaceful national parks, the world becomes Your Backyard when you rent and travel in an RV or motorhome. A generic hotel room is fine, but imagine the views out your window at sunrise in the Rocky Mountains, or how nice it will be to simply step out the door at the race track, avoiding much of the traffic and crowds on race day.

RV rental advantage #4 – stretch those dollars!

Booking an RV rental with VroomVroomVroom means saving money. Hotel room? Sure, there’s free continental breakfast at most hotels. But do you want to cook dinner for the family? Forget about it; the fire marshal frowns on that! The RV you’re traveling in is not only an economical combo of your overnight accommodation and transportation, it’s also a way to save money instead of spending a bundle on eating at restaurants and drinking from those ridiculous small mini-bar bottles!

woman cooking inside an RV rental

RV Rental advantage #5 – how many suitcases did you pack last summer?

I’ve never went anywhere with my wife that we didn’t carry 3 or more suitcases. Heck, she once packed a luggage to visit her mother, and we were only going to be away from home for 3 hours! I’m exaggerating, of course, but it’s true that packing and unpacking, and packing and unpacking again can be a real downer when you go on a long trip, especially if you stop in multiple cities or towns. Why not rent an RV or campervan? You can easily stash your belongings in its plentiful storage space, and forget about it while you’re taking your vacation. It’s really just that easy.

VroomVroomVroom is proud to serve you, whether you need a rental car or rental motorhome. We have compared prices for well over 15 years around the world, and we offer the lowest rates on both options all around the world. The above tips may help you choose what you drive on your next family getaway or romantic escapade. Just remember, friends, any vacation is only going to be as much fun as you choose to make it! Best wishes and drive safely!

This article was written by former VroomVroomVroom content superstar Jason Dickson, who continues to enjoy road trips with his wife in California. 

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