Meet Our Team: James Swiney – App Developer

Meet the Team - James Swiney

VroomVroomVroom wants you to get to know the talented members of our team. Read about our Senior Software Developer and get some travel tips from our Office Manager.

Now we would like you to meet our App Developer, James Swiney, who has worked with VroomVroomVroom for 18 months. His role involves working with the latest mobile technology to develop new Apps for the company. You can read more about booking a car with the VroomVroomVroom App here. In the past, James has worked as an iOS developer for RedEye and Ladbrokes, as well as working as a Support Officer for QUT.

Get to know more about our App guru in this Q&A:

What is your favourite road-trip destination?


Best driving song?

Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son.

Ideal car to drive?

Nissan 370z.

What is your best car rental tip?

Make sure you get the LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) when driving in the USA.

City or country driving?


Meet the Team - James Swiney (2)

Suitcase or backpack?


Mountains or beach?


Summer or winter?


Morning or evening?


Coffee or tea?


Book or movie?


Comedy or horror?


Cats or dogs?


Sweet or salty?


Favourite travel quote?

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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