Top Travel Blogs in the World

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VroomVroomVroom was fortunate to interview some of the world’s most followed and sought-after travel bloggers. Their inspiring story, amazing photos, exciting adventures, and useful travel tips make them stand out amongst other bloggers. These individuals reside in different parts of the globe – from Australia and USA to Canada and UK. Our readers are located all over the world so they will surely find some connection with any of the bloggers we’ve handpicked based on their credibility and awesomeness! Below is a list of VroomVroomVroom’s top travel bloggers in no exact order.

Dave Levart of Dave’s Travel Corner

He is probably one of the most experienced travel bloggers out there having established his own travel community website in 1996. What started out as an online journal for his life-changing trip to Nepal, Dave’s Travel Corner has become a leading independent online travel and lifestyle platform for content creation and promotion. Despite Dave’s crazy schedule, which included a trip to Kyrgyzstan, he took time to schedule an interview with us when he returned to his hometown in California. Watch or listen to our interview with Dave Levart below:

Shane Dallas of The Travel Camel

Seeing the profile photo of Shane Dallas on his website will remind you of Indiana Jones because of his hat – and we are correct about that because he admits being a fan of Harrison Ford’s famous movie character. The Australian blogger has visited more than 90 countries and prefers “going where others will not tread” – visiting places like Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Kurdistan. Apart from blogging, he is also a well-known public speaker and he has been doing that for more than 20 years. Watch our exclusive interview with Shane Dallas below:

Abigail King of Inside the Travel Lab

Pretty unique name for a blog right? Well, there is a story to that and it has got something to do with her previous career – which is a doctor in Emergency Medicine. Abi calls her website a blog or magazine on thoughtful luxury travel as she covers both the adventure and history of each destination. Apart from writing about her personal travel experiences, she is also a renowned journalist and photographer . You can find some of her works published at
National Geographic Traveler and Lonely Planet. Get to know Abigail King more in this exclusive interview which you could listen to as well.

Drew Goldberg of The Hungry Partier

The name of the blog itself suggests what kind of blogger you can expect. No wonder Drew has many young followers on social media because he loves to party just like most guys in their 20s. The Texan-born blogger got bitten by the travel bug when he went to Prague, Czech Republic to study. After finishing college, he decided to teach English in Seoul, South Korea and that’s where his blog was born. If you love to party, enjoys the nightlife and into EDM, then you will surely get along with The Hungry Partier. Check out our interview with party guru Drew Goldberg below:

Megan Jerrard of Mapping Megan

The friendly and pretty Aussie together with her husband Mike make a great team; and they are behind the award-winning blog called Mapping Megan. Both are adrenaline junkies and active travelers so you can read a lot of thrilling stories from the couple – from skydiving over the Swiss Alps to climbing the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Their love story is pretty interesting so those who are dating right now may relate to their adventure as a couple. You can read our exclusive interview with Megan Jerrard or watch the video clip below:

Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere

Having received several recognitions including the 2014 Travel Photographer of the Year from SATW (Society of American Travel Writers) and 2015 Travel Photographer of the Year from NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association), Gary Arndt’s spectacular pictures are the spotlight of his travel blog. The award-winning travel blogger and photographer has visited more than 175 countries and continues to explore the world. You can listen to his experience and get some useful tips through his podcasts. Watch our exclusive interview with Gary Arndt below:

Chris Christensen of Amateur Traveler

Our first interview was with highly-acclaimed podcaster Chris Christensen and the name of his blog would make you think that we were chatting to a first-time traveler. But that is not the case, because the man behind the award-winning travel podcast and blog called Amateur Traveler knows what he is talking about. His travel website has been featured in various publications including the National Geographic Traveler and Chicago Sun Times. If you are a fan of podcasts, then make sure to check out Amateur Traveler. Watch our exclusive interview with Chris Christensen to find out why he used that name for his site.

Anna Kate Vawser of The Legendary Adventures of Anna

Anna’s mom inspired her to travel and for the past six years she has been travelling the world to over 25 countries. Through her beautiful photography you can see her bungee jumping in Ecuador, ice climbing in Iceland, cliff rappelling in Israel and on many other adventures. Her travel tips are perfect for those who are travelling with a small budget. She also has a food category to help you find affordable and delectable meals. Get to know the adorable
Anna Kate Vawser in this exclusive interview.

Will Tang of Going Awesome Places

The Canadian blogger is not only a writer who wanted to share his travel experiences, he also wanted to help those who are planning to put up their own travel blog. Apart from Going Awesome Places, he also has a website called Travel Blog Breakthrough where he shares his travel blogging strategies that anyone can do. His goal is to empower and inspire you to achieve your dream. If you’re planning to visit Toronto, then check out his website for a list of cool stuff to do in his hometown. Watch our exclusive interview with Will Tang in this video below:

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott of Uncornered Market

The husband and wife team made the biggest decision in their life in 2001 when they decided to pack their bags and leave San Francisco. They lived in Prague, Czech Republic for five years before deciding to travel all over the world. As of today, they’ve been to more than 90 countries and there’s no stopping them from exploring new places. Their photo gallery features breathtaking images from all of their travels. Learn more about the friendly blogger couple,
Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, in this exclusive interview.

Jennifer and Ted Avery of Thrifty Nomads

As the name of their blog suggests, the happily married couple always make it a point to travel cheap. If you are also a frugal traveler, then you may want to check out their blog for some money-saving tips including how to book the cheapest car rental possible (thanks again for recommending VroomVroomVroom). The high school sweethearts ended up not only as husband and wife but as a blogger team as well. They’ve quit their jobs and sold everything back in Canada just to see the world – and they never regret their decision. Read our exclusive interview with Jen and Ted for more travel tips.

Kach Medina Umandap and Jonathan Howe of Two Monkeys Travel Group

Kach who hails from the Philippines and Jonathan who lives in the United Kingdom may seem worlds apart, but their passion for travelling brought them together. They both gave up their jobs to explore the world and you can witness all of their adventures in their community travel blog. Unlike other travel blogs, you can also read stories from other travelers who wanted to share their experience. Read our exclusive interview with Kach and Jonathan to find out how they met, fell in love, and what their future plan is as a couple and travel bloggers.

We at VoomVroomVroom are really pleased to have known these amazing bloggers and we hope that you did enjoy getting to know them as well through our exclusive interviews and cool videos.