VroomVroomVroom Interviews Hoda & Ali from WeChaseSummer

“We Chase Summer.” It’s beautiful and it’s simple. More about that name and the family behind it in a moment …

Some of the coolest experiences that we have in the rental car and RV rental comparison business are hearing nice stories from our customers. It’s hard to comprehend that over the years, VroomVroomVroom has helped over 1.8 million renters find the right vehicle at just the right price! And when we read good reviews or messages on social media, it brings a smile to our faces.

Which brings us back to www.WeChaseSummer.com , or more accurately, to what we read from @WeChaseSummer on Twitter last year:

We’re always happy to read a Tweet like that, but when we clicked on their site, we were impressed by a family travel blog filled with amazing stories and beautiful photos from around the world! When they traveled in New Zealand and Australia during the Summer, particularly on the South Island where campsites are plentiful and often free, we were captivated by their updates on Twitter and on the WeChaseSummer Facebook page … although we had to wait awhile between messages due to the remoteness of their path and their awesome, frugal family travel strategies!

(Left to right) Hannah, Hoda, Ali and Kian - WeChaseSummer
(Left to right) Hannah, Hoda, Ali and Kian – WeChaseSummer

Over the months since Ali (dad), Hoda (mom), and kids Kian & Hannah have returned to their home in the United States, we’ve been treated as readers of their blog to a delightful series of journal entry-style articles about exploring New Zealand — over a dozen of them! Check them out here, beginning with “Day 163”!

Our absolute favorite was “Day 175 – The Legend & The Goodbye”, in which Hoda writes about sunbathing seals (the “blubbery little friends”) and the Maori legend of how New Zealand came to be!

Last month, I was honored to speak with the Morton family via Google Hangouts. We had a great conversation about travel, parenting, work and balancing so many things while creating one of the web’s best new travel blogs. They explained to me why they chose WeChaseSummer as the name of their blog, and answered many more questions.

Check out the VroomVroomVroom interview in the video below, and then do yourself a big favor: follow WeChaseSummer on Facebook and Twitter and bookmark their site! You will not be disappointed!

Jason Dickson is a Digital Content Coordinator and a Car Rental Expert. He is not “little”, but he is also referred to as a “blubbery friend”. He recently shared the VroomVroomVroom list of America’s Top 5 Affordable Winter Destinations by Car.

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