VroomVroomVroom Interviews Dave of Dave’s Travel Corner

Bangladesh kids
Kids in Bangladesh, photo Dave Levart.

Dave Levart has lived a pretty awesome life, as far as seeing the world and meeting tons of cool people is concerned.

In the video below, Dave tells us about how a flyer advertising a college trip changed his life almost 2 decades ago, and why traveling and writing is a way of life that he’ll never give up.

As a webpage about travel since 1996, Dave’s Travel Corner is one of the true cornerstones of travel blogging. It even predates the widespread use of the word blog, which is the reason why Dave can be considered one of the pioneers of blogging.

Sunflowers in Macedonia
Sunflowers in Macedonia, photo Dave Levart

Dave’s Travel Corner is a site that has grown over the years and today is a vibrant, complete online travel community.

But far from an aged, tired wise man or someone so experienced that he no longer fully enjoys what he’s doing, Dave’s enthusiasm is the first thing that struck me when I sat down to talk to him. He speaks (from his home in California) as he writes, with great detail and fascinating insight.

If you’ve read any of his blogs — check out this post from his recent adventure in Kyrgyzstan — you’ll know that Dave describes local beauty and hardship with equal skill.

Whether I read Dave’s account of cleaning up via a container of cold water during a homestay with locals, or hiking up to an amazing altitude, or taking a drink of water with a mossy taste, it creates emotional involvement with the people in that region. It also lets me live vicariously through all of the things Dave saw and did, both fun and difficult.

Like anyone’s, I’m sure Dave’s life has its share of ups and downs. But this is a man who seems truly happy with his accomplishments and experiences. I was proud to interview him for our VroomVroomVroom Car Rental Blog, and I encourage all of our readers to Follow @DaveDTC on Twitter and Like the Dave’s Travel Corner Facebook page and watch the YouTube interview above.

NOTE: Due to our technical malfunction, we lost Dave’s video feed, but he was kind enough to send us some photos from his adventures, which I’ll include after the jump along with links to all of his social media. (Click on Read more)

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