Why Everyone Should Take a Road Trip – Part 2

Note: This is the second part on Why Everyone Should Take A Road Trip. Part 1 is here.

If you still need convincing on why you should stop what you are doing and plan a vacation, here are 7 more good reasons why you need to fill your suitcase and book a car rental now as shared by some of our expert travel blogger friends.

It clears your mind

Bino Chua from I Wander


A trip down wide open roads free of traffic clears the mind and provides one with a different perspective in life. One of my favorite road trips is in the South Island of New Zealand passing through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Driving in New Zealand is a breeze with few other cars on the road and plenty of noteworthy stops along the way. If it gets tiring, plenty of hotels are found across different spots to cater precisely to people going for road trips.

You Discover Things About Yourself

Jules and Christine from Dont Forget to Move


There’s nothing like taking a road trip! Windows rolled down, your favorite playlist jamming, a bag full of snacks and all the time in the world! Taking a road trip is one of our favorite things to do while traveling. The freedom to be able to take yourself wherever you want to go, and to stay as long as you want to explore, beats any tour you could ever do!

One of our favorite trips was our road trip in Spain, when we cruised across the northern coast and were amazed by the rugged coastline, picturesque mountains and quaint local towns. Our first stop was Ribadesella, a small coastal town with one incredible view! After a stunning hike through Picos de Europa we headed back to the coast. There we enjoyed the cultural delights of the Basque region, where good food, cider and family are synonymous with the unique Basque region. All along our road trip we were greeted with friendly smiles and amazing hospitality, which just proves that having your own car is the perfect way to create your own unique itinerary while traveling.

The thrill of travelling by road is unparalleled

Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala from Romancing the Planet


Even though flights and trains may seem like a more convenient and faster option, the thrill of travelling by road is unparalleled. While some people travel by road for the adrenaline rush, others do it to soak in the calm of the surroundings. Whatever the reason might be, road trips give you a chance to explore the quaint little towns that often go unnoticed amidst the cosmopolitan cities. You could try the authentic local cuisines and experience the native culture peacefully while you are road-tripping.

Away from the hubbub of city life, road trips provide a great opportunity to unwind and loosen up while you encounter new people. It is undoubtedly an inexplicable feeling to bask in nature’s glory and admire the beauty skyscrapers have taken over. Other forms of travel often give you a fixed schedule, allowing no space for adventure or spontaneity. However, if you are on the road, you could choose how your journey is going to be and put no constraint to your wander lust. Listening to music for long hours is just another bonus. So, hop into your car unflinchingly to see what this vast world has in store for you.

Because no road trip is ever alike

Adam Groffman from Travels of Adam


I’ve always loved a good road trip. That freedom to move wherever the road takes you, to pull over and see some random tourist attraction, the joy of stumbling into a roadside restaurant with terrible coffee. Road trips make for totally unique vacations because no road trip is ever alike! The scenery, the weather, the places you stop—it’s all so customizable depending upon your mood and your interests.

Roads trips are an intimate way of travelling

João Leitão from Nomad Revelations


Roads trips are an intimate way of traveling where fully decide upon your final destination. What I mean is that you can decide where to go by impulse and on a daily basis instead of having all previously organized. Of course, this doesn’t mean you fail to get information about the possible places to visit, but there are always surprising and unexpected spots out there that are worth the visit.

An avid enthusiast of road trips, I have driven in more than 50 countries. My preference goes to the ultimate driving experience which is the cross-continent or transcontinental road trips. Where you explore several nations in one single trip. Crossing borders with your own car is a deeply rewarding experience as an independent traveler.

My favorite and most memorable road trips are crossing West Africa, traversing Portugal to Sweden, all around South America, from Hungary to Kyrgyzstan, exploring southern Africa, Iceland, Morocco, and most recently a one year trip with a camper van from Europe to Central Asia all the way down to the Caucasus, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.

There are loads of sights to enjoy

Jessica Festa from Jessie on a Journey


If you love road trips, then you’ll definitely want to add the South of France to your bucket list. While Nice to Marseille is less than 2.5 hours by car, there is so much to see in between that you can slow your trip down and really enjoy the experience. After exploring Nice’s promenade and charming Old Town – not to mention fantastic day trips like the medieval commune of Eze and the gorgeous gardens at Villa Ephrussi – you can drive about 35 minutes to Cannes, home of the famed international film festival.

Basing here, there are loads of day trips to enjoy, like the beaches of St. Tropez, wine tasting in Gassin and seaside hiking in La Croix Valmer. Your next stops along the route might be Verdon Gorge – its azure waters offering the most stunning kayking trip of your life – and Hyeres, offering access to the untouched Port Cros Island. The journey from there takes less than 90 minutes to Aix-en-Provence, where you can put the car and park and cycle the countryside (then get those calories back at one of many restaurants in the city). Finally, end your road trip in Marseille, exploring historic neighborhoods, hiking in Calanques National Park and hanging out around the port.

It gives you a sense of freedom

Clelia Mattana from Keep Calm and Travel


Taking a road trip gives you a sense of freedom that is difficult to find in any other way of travel I’ve tried. Nothing beats a car filled with groceries bought along the way, the wind on your face while you sing along to your favorite music and an open road to explore before your eyes! My advice is to have a simple itinerary, so let’s say 2-3 main “landmarks” you must visit, and leave the rest to chance. Feel free to get lost a bit (but never forget to have a tank of gasoline and oil in your car, just in case) and stop for the night in a village you hadn’t included on your itinerary just because it is “oh so beautiful!”

Italy is one of the best places to take a road trip, especially if you have the time and you are flexible. Drive from north to south (or vice-versa, it doesn’t matter) you will be amazed by the stunning differences between the north and the south part of Italy. The landscape dramatically changing, isolated roads where you would want to stop at every single village you cross, stunning views, from the Alps and the Lakes in the north to the Tuscany, Umbria and Marche famous hills, ending with scenic roads facing incredible views of the southern coast, like Amalfi and beyond. What more could you ask for?

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