Hard-To-Pronounce Car Brand Names

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If you’re a car lover, knowing the names of different automobile brands isn’t enough to make you appear like an expert. Imagine bumping into another car enthusiast and asking him, “Do you know that the new Audi (o-dee) R8 Spyder is worth $177,100?” Don’t be surprised if you get either a giggle or a weird stare from that person.

We at VroomVroomVroom want to help you sound like a pro that’s why we have listed some of the most hard to pronounce car brand names in the world and their correct pronunciation. Check out our list of commonly mispronounced automobile brands below:

Audi (ow-dee)

How can anyone go wrong with a two-syllable name? Just like famous bag brand Prada (Prah-duh), Audi looked like a word that anyone can pronounce. However, most people mistakenly pronounce it as “o-dee” instead of “ow-dee”.

Buick (byue-ik)

Most people forget to add “y” after the letter “B” thus it sounded more like “boo-ik” instead of “byue-ik”. Just remember the word “beautiful” so you won’t forget how to pronounce the first syllable of Buick.

BMW (bee-em-vee)

Just when you thought you’ll get it right by saying the initial than the full brand name Bayerische Motoren-Werke, then think again. Most English-speaking people would say it as it is, but the real German pronunciation is “bee-em-vee”

Chevrolet (shev-ro-ley)

The iconic car brand Chevrolet has been around for more than 100 years and yet there are a few who still mispronounce its name. Instead of a silent “t”, some people pronounce that letter. It should be pronounced as “shev-ro-ley”.

Hyundai (hyon-de)

Most Americans pronounce the Korean car brand name Hyundai as “Hyoon-dey” or “Hon-dey”. Why not let the Koreans teach us how to really say Hyundai? Based on the YouTube channel TalkToMeInKorean, the automobile brand name is pronounced as “Hyon-de”.

Koenigsegg (kou-nig-zegg)

The Swedish automobile manufacturer is known for its hyper-cars, but its name may slow you down when spoken for the first time especially if you’re not a native speaker. The car brand name may seem mouthful, but it’s really easy to pronounce – just say “kou-nig-zegg”.

Lamborghini (lam-ber-gini)

This car brand name is usually pronounced as “lam-bor-ghini” but the correct way to say it is “lam-ber-gini.” Not much difference in the pronunciation just as long as you won’t call it “lamb-or-genie” because it would sound like you are asking someone to choose between a lamb or a genie.

Lancia (lan-cha)

If you’re not Italian, you will most probably pronounce this car brand name as “lan-see-ya”. Unfortunately, that’s not how you should say it. Keep in mind that one of Italy’s leading automobile manufacturers should be pronounced “lan-cha”.

Mercedes-Benz (mur-say-dees-bens)

This is one of the most popular automobile brands in the world but we often neglect the correct pronunciation since it sounds similar to what most people usually say. For a change, try saying “mur-say-dees-bens” instead of “mer-cee-dees-benz.”

Peugeot (poo-zho)

French is one of the most difficult languages to learn that’s why it isn’t surprising that Peugeot is included in the list. According to Wikipedia, the common French pronunciation is “poo-zho” but there are other countries that pronounce it as “pyoo-zho” or “per-zho.”

Plymouth (pli-muth)

First look at the car brand’s name and you’ll be tricked into saying the word “ply-mouth” because it is spelled closely to the word plywood. However, that’s far from its real pronunciation, which is “pli-muth”.

Porsche (por-sha)

Most Americans pronounce the German car brand as “porsh” but its real pronunciation ends with an “a.” Next time you see a Carrera GTS, remember to say “Por-sha” so you’ll sound more like a legit car enthusiast.

Renault (re-no)

If it’s the first time that you’ve encountered this brand, you will probably call it “renolt.” However, it is pronounced with the silent “L” and “T” so you should say “re-no” instead. Just remember the city in Nevada when you see this brand.

Volkswagen (folks-va-gun)

There are certain letters in the German alphabet that are pronounced different – “W” becomes “V” and “V” becomes “F.” Based on that, the popular car brand should be pronounced as “Folks-va-gun” instead of “volks-wagon”.

These are just some of the most commonly mispronounced car brand names. We know that there are more out there so if you’ve come up with some names, please share them on the comment box below.

Just like these brands, most people call me “Mic” like “microphone” and not “Mic” like Mick Jagger so I can relate how these automobile companies would feel when someone incorrectly pronounces their name. Hopefully, this article will help you sound more like a real car enthusiast.

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