Meet Our Team: Customer Experience Manager

VroomVroomVroom would like to introduce you to another member of our team. Tia Hippolite is the manager of the new Customer Experience team. The team was created by merging the existing Customer Care and Social Community teams. Tia has been with VroomVroomVroom for eight years, and said she is looking forward to fine-tuning the customer experience and streamlining our message to customers across all platforms.

“By integrating the Customer Care Team with the Social Community team, we aim to make it easier for customers to get the help they require.”

What is your favourite thing about working at VroomVroomVroom?

My passion in life has always been to help people, and I am able to do this everyday in my role as I manage a worldwide team. I get to help people set goals, learn and grow as individuals which in turns helps the business flourish. I have also been given amazing opportunities to grow and learn as I step outside my comfort zone taking on new opportunities as they arise.

Tell us about VroomVroomVroom’s vision for the customer experience, and why the creation of this team is important.

Customers are our priority. By merging the Social Community team with the Customer Care Team, our vision is to ensure we provide fast and helpful assistance to every customer no matter how they choose to contact us. We have seen a very high increase in our social media interactions so it is also important we provide the same messaging and assistance to the customers who prefer to reach out using these platforms.

Tell us about your favourite road trip destination.

I really enjoy any road trip with my family. As long as we are together, there is nothing that can top such a trip.

What is your best car rental tip?

The most important thing I believe when hiring a car is reading the Terms and Conditions of the supplier. Understanding what you are liable for is super important to ensure you do not have any unexpected charges when you return the vehicle.

Find out more about Tia:

Best driving song?

ANY Bruno Mars song …

Ideal car to drive?

For a road trip, a car with cruise control.

City or country driving?


Suitcase or backpack?


Mountains or beach?


Summer or winter?


Morning or evening?


Coffee or tea?

Pepsi Max!

Favourite road trip snack?

BBQ Smiths Chips with a Pepsi Max and Clinkers chocolate.

Favourite travel quote?

You can travel close to home and still experience something new. Explore your own backyard and country. There are millions of people paying big money to have the pleasure of doing so.

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