Meet our Customer Experience Team

Awesome team work of the Customer Experience Team

At VroomVroomVroom, we continue to innovate and launch new initiatives. We are proud to announce the creation of our new “Customer Experience Team”. This partnership of the existing Customer Care and Social Community teams will focus on opening up the channels of communication and delivering a consistent message to our customers.

The ‘CX Team’ will respond to questions and feedback from customers. By merging the two existing teams, we can create content based on frequently asked questions. Using the knowledge and experience of the Customer Care team, we can make sure our social community is well-informed. VroomVroomVroom values the importance of customer feedback. This new team will be able to use this feedback to help other customers.

The team will be lead by former Marketing Manager, Tia Hippolite. Tia will manage the team and coordinate VroomVroomVroom’s message across all platforms. With changes already underway, Tia said she is excited to bring the team together.

“We restructured our current teams to combine the Customer Care Department with our Community team. This ensures that we are delivering the same message to our customers across all channels. The digital and social media world is continuing to grow. We are excited to create a streamlined approach to ensure our customers continue to receive the ultimate booking experience. This will be the same no matter which platform they choose to make contact with us.”

What can we expect from VroomVroomVroom in the future?

Customers can contact us in many ways. The Customer Care team are available via phone, email as well as live chat. Our team has specialized industry knowledge. They can easily assist you with car rental bookings around the world. If you need any assistance with renting a car, our team would be happy to assist you. 

Continued growth of our social community

The VroomVroomVroom Community team has grown following a successful first year. We have grown our reach on social media, allowing customers new ways of communicating with the business. Our team will benefit from a partnership with the Customer Care team. The partnership provides an opportunity for us to grow our product knowledge and provide detailed information to our followers. Here is how you can become a part of the VroomVroomVroom community:

Facebook logo We provide inspirations for road trips, driving information, city guides and car rental advice. Not only do our Facebook followers keep up to date on all the latest information, they will also be first to know about any upcoming competitions.
Twitter logo Do you have a car rental question? We provide the answers to many frequently asked questions on our Twitter page, and can quickly answer all your queries.
Instagram logo Looking for some travel inspiration? Our Instagram showcases the best images from the road, giving you some tips on where to take your next road trip holiday.
Youtube logo If you’re new to car rental, the process of booking a car and purchasing rental vehicle excess insurance can be confronting. Find comprehensive, informative videos on our YouTube channel to help guide you through the process.

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