How to Survive a Road Trip as a Couple

Going on a road trip alone is liberating because you can go anywhere and do anything you want. However, there are some people who prefer sharing this adventure with their partner. Travelling as a couple is fun because you get to create wonderful memories together, but it also takes a lot of adjustments and sacrifices as well. You now have to make a decision together like who’s turn it is to drive, where you should eat and when to call it a day. That’s why it is important to talk things over with your partner, plan ahead and think of creative ways to spark romance in your relationship. For more tips on how you can survive a road trip as a couple, VroomVroomVroom shared some advise from these awesome couple travel bloggers.

Nick and Dariece of Goats on the Road

Dariece and Nick of Goats on the Road in Argentina

We’ve been on endless road trips together and always have a great time. We listen to music, chat and pull over constantly for photos. But, there are some reasons why it works for us…

We each have our “job”. Nick is the driver and I am the navigator. I use Google Maps on my phone and have to be on the ball with telling him which way to go.

We pack food. Being “hungry” is a real thing! I recommend having some snacks that will provide energy and are easy to carry, such as nuts, fruit, crackers, granola bars, etc. We sometimes even have a small cooler in the back seat with some cheese or other items that need to keep cool. We also pack lots of water.

We plan ahead. I think it’s important to be on the same page when on a road trip, and in life! But, when driving long distances, we always come up with a game plan ahead of time and agree on the route. We make sure we have a full tank of gas, the oil has been checked and make sure we will be driving and arrive before dark (country depending).

Cameron and Natasha of The World Pursuit

cameron and natasha of the world pursuit

We have been road tripping together for four years and counting. We most recently bought a car in South Africa and drove it across Africa for a year, explored the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, and took a campervan around Iceland’s famous Ring Road. While it is difficult to travel so closely as a couple, there are things you can do so that you ensure your trip is happy and you and your spouse aren’t at each others throats.

First, I would recommend that if you feel you are at your wits end with each other, pull over and take some time to relax apart. Go for a walk in separate directions, grab some coffee and a book and chill out. Whatever it is, try not to fight in the car with one another as it can lead to stressful and maybe even dangerous situations.

Second, try inviting other couples to road trip with you. Having other people around means you can have some different conversations and will get you out of the “couples bubble.” Plus sharing experiences with others makes traveling that much more rewarding.

Third, if you feel the romance is fading out of your trip then set aside some extra time for a date night. Look for special experiences you can have together while on the road. Setting aside time to do some romantic things with one another helps keep the spark alive even when you are traveling!

Stefan and Sebastien of Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien of Nomadic Boys

Appreciate each other’s space and understand that at times, we need some alone time. This isn’t a personal thing against the other, it’s just a normal human requirement, which also keeps the relationship healthy.

Surprise each other with a romantic gesture, especially for special events like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, our anniversary, Christmas etc. The most recent one was Stefan surprising Sebastien on his birthday by proposing to him.

We always try to have date nights whenever we can. This is usually watching a film or going to a restaurant together, or even going out to a club and dancing together. But strictly no technology and absolutely no talk about the blog. This really helps keep our relationship fresh, at the same time learning more about each other, which after 9 years, we still discover more.

Laura and Tanbay of Travelling Weasels

Tanbay and Laura of Travelling Weasles
Our first tip would be to get a Sat Nav, then if you get lost you can blame that instead of your significant other. Our second tip would be to take lots of snacks (to avoid getting hungry and starting stupid arguments). Thirdly, make sure you have a banging playlist to listen to on the trip, filled with cheesy songs, songs that are great to sing along to and of course ‘your song’. Last but not least, make sure you take the time to enjoy the scenery together, pull up by the side of the road as often as you can, take a million photos together and most of all make memories – they last a lifetime.

Amy and Nathan of Two Drifters

Nathan and Amy of Two Drifters

We’ve definitely learned a lot about surviving a road trip as a couple. From living out of a campervan for 7 months in Australia to roadtripping the mountains of Wales, we have discovered the keys to happy roadtripping!

First, don’t feel like you have to spend every second together or even talk constantly. On a road trip, or an extended trip, you’ll need downtime. Take even 20 minutes to go for a separate walk or to just relax on your own. It can make all the difference.

Second, try to plan ahead for hunger and bathroom breaks. The dreaded “hangry” partner can be a really low point on your road trip. Keep the vehicle stocked with emergency snacks to fend off bad moods!

And lastly, divide responsibilities in the car. Don’t try to be a backseat driver or criticize your partner’s driving technique. Instead, focus on being a navigator or the road trip DJ.

Daryl and Mindi of 2foodtrippers

Daryl and Mindi of 2foodtrippers

Plan a Route with Time for Delays and Detours: Although we do a good bit of advance planning before our road trips, we always seem to hit some sort of delay whether it be a hail storm in Texas or an animal crossing in South Africa. Plus, we often hear about cool spots to visit after we’re already on the road. This is why we recommend including some wiggle room into road trip itineraries.

Download Podcasts and Music before the Road Trip: As much as we love to chat with each other, we need entertainment while driving – especially when one of us is taking a power nap. Since Wi-Fi can be spotty on the road, we recommend downloading a selection of podcasts and music before leaving home.

Set a Budget with Room for Splurges: Although we recognize the importance of minimizing road trip expenses, we always budget for splurges like romantic dinners and posh hotel rooms. Often, these splurges are the highlights of our trip and provide lasting memories of our shared experience on the road.

Cathy and Frank of RoarLoud

Cathy and Frank of RoadLoud
Don’t Sweat the Small Things: No matter how good you plan and pack, something will be forgotten. Concentrate on the important things, (money, passports, tickets, etc..) and don’t let forgetting something minor spoil your trip.

It’s All About Teamwork: Trips can be stressful to organize. No matter what happens, remember that you are a team. Facing challenges together will make the rewards of a wonderful trip all the more special. Traveling can be a great opportunity to bring a couple closer together.  Being able to share special moments should be the top priority for every team.

Leave Time to Appreciate: I know firsthand the excitement of visiting someplace new. You want to see everything a place has to offer, and that’s where couples like us have made mistakes in the past. We have learned to allow “Free Time” when we can just walk around, explore, and appreciate the culture. Those moments are always the best.

We hope that you enjoyed reading and getting some friendly advise from our couple travel blogger friends. Check out their blog and follow their social media accounts for more awesome stories and tips. If you loved reading this, you may also want to check out our 10 Road Trip Essentials.

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