Meet Our Team: Jordan Hooper – Partnerships Manager

Meet Our Team - Jordan

Meet the VroomVroomVroom Partnerships Manager, Jordan Hooper, also responsible for the V2B Travel Technology division. His background includes working as the Partnerships Manager for Online Republic, and as a GM for an events company in Dubai, running trade shows around the Middle East.

Having been with Vroom for eight months now, Jordan says his favourite thing is the entrepreneurial spirit of the company.

It has been the leading car rental comparison site in the Southern Hemisphere for 16 years now but there is still an insatiable hunger to constantly innovate and to try new things which I love and that enables me to be incredibly creative in my role and how we tailor solutions to match the needs of our partners.”

What is your favourite road-trip destination?

Kerry, Ireland.

Best driving song?

Don’t Stop, Fleetwood Mac.

Ideal car to drive?

Ford Mustang.

What is your best car rental tip?

If you are offered an upgrade at the desk, check how much the extra taxes and fees will be first before accepting.

City or country driving?

Country driving. More time to enjoy the view and more parking!

Jordan Hooper

Suitcase or backpack?

My backpack days are over. It is a suitcase and travelling in style for me now.

Mountains or beach?


Summer or winter?

Contrary to the above – winter. My skin is so translucent I melt in the heat. However, winter in Hawaii is fine!

Morning or evening?

Evening. It is when all the best ideas happen.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. The staple of any parent.

Book or movie?


Comedy or horror?


Cats or dogs?

Dogs. By a nose.

Sweet or salty?

Sweet. Anything chocolate, specifically.

Favourite travel quote?

Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

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