8 Strange New Year Traditions

New Year’s Eve is one of the most sought after holidays across the globe; and there are traditions that the locals do in each country that some people may find weird – from banging pots to jumping seven waves. It’s interesting to see different rituals and find out what they mean. VroomVroomVroom has listed down 8 strange New Year traditions all over the world. Who knows? It may even bring you good luck if you give it a try.

Brazil – Wear White and Jump Seven Waves


Most of the locals wear white because that colour represents peace, but some people match their white outfit with red underwear to attract love. Grapes are commonly eaten during this celebration, but the Brazilians prefer eating 7 pieces of raisins by midnight. Instead of throwing the seeds, they usually keep them in their wallet to bring them more money. The locals also have a tradition of jumping over seven different waves at the beach while making a wish for each jump.

Spain – Eat 12 Grapes


Eating grapes on New Year’s Eve is quite common since it is practiced in several countries, but the Spaniard have a unique way of eating grapes. They eat 12 grapes at midnight to symbolize 12 lucky months ahead. To bring in good fortune, the locals drop a gold object such as their wedding ring or gold coin in a glass of Cava (Spanish wine).

Peru – Wear Yellow, Red or Green Underwear, Run Around The Block With A Suitcase


The Peruvians usually wear yellow, red, or green underwear based on what they are wishing for. Yellow is believed to bring in happiness, red for love, and green for money. Some of the locals also run around the block with an empty briefcase or suitcase hoping to get more travel opportunities in the coming year. Another tradition is writing down five wishes and dipping the paper in a glass of champagne.

Chile – Eat A Spoonful of Lentils, Sweep Inside Out


If you are not a big fan of lentils, then you may be forced to have a spoonful of the legumes on New Year’s Eve when you visit Chile. The locals believe that eating that on midnight will give them work and money all throughout the year. Another annual ritual is sweeping the house inside out because this will sweep away the bad energy in the house.

Philippines – Open All Lights and Doors, Jump at Midnight, Wear Red Or Polka Dots


Many Filipinos are superstitious and would do all sorts of rituals to attract good luck. Most people open all their lights and doors including cupboards and cabinets to welcome the positive energy that the New Year will bring. At the strike of 12, kids are usually asked to jump so that they will get taller when they grow up. I was guilty of doing that, but look at me now – 5 feet and 8 inches so no harm in letting my son try it as well. We also wear something red since that signifies prosperity and some wear polka dots because the round shapes symbolize money. Most of the locals also prepare rounded fruits and candies on the dinner table to attract good fortune.

El Salvador – Crack An Egg


Some of the people from El Salvador crack an egg and put it in a glass at midnight. They leave the egg on the window sill and check it the next day to see if they will have a better future. If the egg is still okay, then it means that they will have good fortune. But if it’s rotten, then that’s something to worry about.

Russia – Write a Wish, Burn The Paper Then Drink It


This may sound gross, but some people claim that this Russian ritual is fun so why not give it a try? Write your wish on a piece of a paper then set it on fire. Gather the ashes and put it in a glass of champagne then drink it up at midnight. If you do all of these on time, then your wish will come true.

Denmark – Break Plates and Dishes


Plate smashing is a typical Greek tradition, but the Danes also do this during New Year’s Eve. The locals save up their plates and dishes until December 31. They gather up all of their crockery at midnight and smash it at each other’s front door. The house with the largest pile of broken dishes are considered lucky because it means they have many loyal friends.

No matter how you celebrate New Year’s Eve, there’s one thing that you should try to remember – and that is to be thankful for all the blessings you’ve received in 2017.  Of course, make sure you have loads of fun! Happy New Year to everyone from the VroomVroomVroom family!

If you have other strange rituals that you would like to share? Please leave them on the comment box below.

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