How to Be a Good Road Trip Companion

Driver singing on road trip

Traveling on a road trip with a group of friends or with family is not always the most relaxing experience. Particularly if you are spending long hours on the road between destinations. Not everyone wants to travel with someone who wants to talk 24/7, spends hours at a single destination trying to take the perfect photograph, or has the itinerary planned out to such extremes that there is no spare time. Taking long road trips is about compromise and enjoying some time to yourself every now and then.

Here are some tips from VroomVroomVroom to help you on your next road trip.

Travel with someone who has a similar travel style

If you’d like nothing more than a quiet holiday exploring ancient cobblestone streets and soaking up the culture at a museum, pairing yourself with a high-adrenaline junkie who would rather be skydiving over the Alps or hiking the Inca trail is probably not a idea. Choose your travel companion wisely. Travelling with someone with common interests means you will get to spend more time doing the sorts of things you want to do.

Share the planning

It isn’t fair if one person is in charge of planning all the practical aspects of the trip. Don’t try to shoulder the responsibility yourself, and don’t try passing it off to somebody else. It is important that everyone gets involved in planning the trip.

couple planning a road trip

Split the costs

Decide in advance who is going to pay for what, and try and even out the costings. Make sure you take turns covering accommodation and food costs. One person shouldn’t get stuck footing the bill.
Remember that your idea of “expensive” might be different than your companion. What you might see as a “great deal” might not be someone else’s ideal accommodation arrangement.

Spend some time alone

If you want to see different things, don’t be afraid to go your own way occasionally. Decide what you would like to see beforehand and make sure you both are seeing what you would like to see. Make sure one person is not compromising on everything.
When you are stuck in a car together for long time periods, remember that some people may not be able to keep up with your energy levels. If someone insists on putting on their headphones, it is probably a sign that they need a break. Read the signs and give people their space.
friends on a road trip

Keep in mind that the driver chooses the music

Road trip etiquette has always dictated that the driver is in charge of picking the tunes. However, choosing the same irritating songs over and over again and singing along for hours isn’t going to make everyone else in the car happy. Be prepared to get left at the next gas station.

Hamburgers, tacos and ice cream cones don’t make for good road food

There’s nothing more irritating than travelling with messy passengers who spill their food early in the trip. Remember that your companions have to share the car with you for a lot of hours, so smelly, messy food is not appreciated.

If you’re not behind the wheel, keep your helpful driving tips to yourself

The driver does not want to hear feedback about their driving technique, and they also will not appreciate any nervous gasps or passengers clutching at the car door handles. If you’re riding shotgun, your tasks are limited to simply navigating.

Do you have any advice for long road trips with friends? Let us know in the comment section below.

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