Smart Ways to Avoid Being Ripped Off on Your Holiday Car Hire


It’s that time of the year again when everyone is on the move. Be it running to the sun to escape the cold or heading home to the family or just planning your next holiday getaways.

As the holiday car hire season begins, it helps to be on guard and smart. Below, we list down the most common car rip-offs to avoid, to help you save more money and make you a more savvy customer when renting a car.

Unwanted Upgrade

Be cautious if you have been given an upgrade when you collect your hire car. Don’t easily fall for it. Ask if this is free of charge, or if a fee is needed. Clarify this before you sign your contract and drive away.

Know your Fuel Policies

Make sure to fill the car hire with petrol before returning. Some rental car contracts permit you the option of returning the vehicle without a full tank of fuel. However, you will be charged extra. Filling up just before you return the car can save you $$$.


Check for pre-existing damage

Before driving away, remember to check the vehicle meticulously for existing car scratches and dents. Make sure the car hire companies writes this down on the sheet. Also, take photos so you have proof the damage was already present. Check the interior too. After you have listed down all the damage on paper, request someone at the car hire desk to sign it.

When you return the vehicle, go through the same process as you did initially. Please ask the staff to check the car over in your presence. You may want to take a new set of photos for your record.


Additional extras

Are you aware that adding an extra driver or baby seat when you hire a car can also increase rental costs? So instead of renting a car seat for your child, why not bring your own? That way, you can save a ton of cash. But if you do intend to rent, make sure to request the car seat in advance.

Read more car rental tips here. Do you have other advice and tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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