6 Signs That You Need A Holiday

It is admirable if a person works too hard, but doing this in excess and for a prolonged period of time may end up in a classic case of burnout. Some signs of a burnout include exhaustion, lack of motivation and frustration. So before you reach this disposition, there are some signs that will help you realise if it is time to take a break and go on a vacation. VroomVroomVroom did a bit of research and came up with 6 funny signs that you really need a holiday.

1. The closest thing to wearing a grass skirt is by mowing the lawn

woman mowing the lawn

2. When your idea of escaping to an exotic destination is ordering a Hawaiian Pizza

hawaiian pizza

3. Driving at the maximum speed limit raises your adrenaline

man driving his car fast

4. When you mistakenly calls your kid by your colleague’s name

mom calling his son

5. The snooze button is your bestie

woman snoozing her alam clock

6. When you park your rental car along a state highway and pretend you’re at the beach

wearing pink flip flops in a pink car

Did you get more than half of the 6 signs that you really need a holiday? Then start planning a vacation now! You can also go on a weekend getaway so start booking a car rental with VroomVroomVroom now because you deserve that much needed break.

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