Meet The Team – Terri Brown

Meet the Team - Terri Brown

VroomVroomVroom would like our customers to meet the team that works hard to make sure people around the world have access to affordable car rental. We have introduced you to our Project Director and our Director of Operations. Today, we are introducing you to another member of our team: Terri Brown, our Domain Specialist, who has been with us for more than ten years. She has been in her current position for over a year, but has also worked in Finance, Dev Support, Customer Service and Supplier Management – making her a real jack-of-all-trades!

Prior to starting with Vroom, Terri worked for twelve years with Hertz in counter staff and duty management roles in Sydney and Brisbane. Having worked in car rental for more than 28 years in total, Terri is a vital part of the VroomVroomVroom team.

What is your favourite road-trip destination?

Any of my kids houses.

Best driving song?

Yeah! Usher.

Ideal car to drive?

My red mini cooper convertible turbo.

What is your best car rental tip?

Investigate the exclusions on supplier damage fee reductions versus new insurance products on the market.

City or country driving?

Top down – either.

Terri - Meet Our Team


Suitcase or backpack?


Mountains or beach?


Summer or winter?


Morning or evening?

Party all night long!

Coffee or tea?


Book or movie?


Comedy or horror?


Cats or dogs?


Sweet or salty?


Favourite travel quote?

Take me to the buffet!  Get me the drinks package! (Love cruises).

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