The Best Books To Inspire You To Hit The Road

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Travelling has always been a common theme in films, television shows and documentaries. Sometimes, however, it is good to get lost in a book and go into depth learning about different cultures. Generations of writers have told stories of hitting the road and heading off on spontaneous adventures.

Reading books helps us explore places we have never heard of and learn new ways of life. Whether it is exploring the back roads of America, trekking across Africa or getting lost in the Australian wilderness, there is always something new to discover. VroomVroomVroom not only provides you with the lowest rates on car hire around the world, we also can help you with travel advice. Here’s a list of books to inspire you to book your next holiday

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Arguably one of the most famous roadtrip novels, On the Road captures life at a different time. The novel takes us back to the late 40s, across the lonely highways of America on a journey through big cities and small towns. The story is based on Kerouac’s own adventures travelling around the country with close friend Dean Moriarty. The book describes a series of trips the pair takes, getting themselves into trouble, searching for meaning, and getting lost in the popular jazz culture of the time. If you feel like taking a crazy, old-style journey through the United States, check out On the Road.

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

This novel is also based on a true story, although not a journey you may want to take. The novel takes us to the harsh, remote Alaskan wilderness, telling the story of Christopher McCandless, who donated all his money and left behind everything he owned to drive away from civilization. The book chronicles his life, and touches on the lives of others who left everything behind to go on an adventure. If you are interested in a story of survival and escaping modern life, try reading Into the Wild. The novel has since been adapted into a film directed by Sean Penn.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is an international bestseller, inspiring people around the world to book a holiday to an exotic destination. The novel is a memoir of author Elizabeth Gilbert, who talks about the year she took off to travel the world. She recounts her experiences in Italy, India and Indonesia. The book talks in depth about foreign cultures, and about what you can gain from travelling to new places. If you have ever felt like hopping on a plane and taking a trip to somewhere far away, try reading Eat, Pray, Love for inspiration.

A Walk In the Woods by Bill Bryson

If you’d rather take a break from driving and head out on the hiking trails, try reading A Walk In The Woods. Travel writer Bill Bryson tells the story of his attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail. With one friend, he attempts to hike the challenging trail to discover more about their country. The journey takes them through beautiful scenery and rough terrain across America. The book is a humorous look at the preparation and attempt to hike the trail, whole also providing a lot of information about the history of the trail and what inspired the hike.

Tracks by Robyn Davidson

If you would like a story told against the dramatic backdrop of the harsh Australian outback, Tracks is one for you. This is the story of one woman’s solo journey across some of the most remote country in the world. With four camels and a dog, and the assistance of a few locals, Davidson made her way from the red centre to the coast. Initially inspiring an article in National Geographic, she later recounted her experiences in this book, talking about the challenges of travelling in such isolated country, and the additional factor of travelling alone. This novel has also been made into a film since its release.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This novel, originally written in Portuguese, takes readers to a new part of the world, bringing to life new destinations and characters. Coelho tells the story of a shepherd boy named Santiago, who dreams that there is treasure to be found in the Egyptian pyramids. The Alchemist follows his journey across the Sahara, introducing new people and challenges along the way. This is a story of love, adventure, and following your dreams.

Have you read any great travel books lately? Let us know what some of your favourites are in the comment section below.

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