When Should You Rent a Car?


Car Rental Checklist: 5 Tips for You

Renting a car is fast becoming a popular choice for a lot of people instead of purchasing one. One reason is because it can save you a chunk of money, especially if you don’t use it every day. But what is it about rental cars that many people find it more appealing today? Scroll down to read the five reasons why people prefer renting cars instead of buying them.

1. Is it better to rent or buy a car?

Are you residing in a large city with a convenient public transit? If your answer is yes, then there may not be any need for you to buy a car as you can take care of your daily needs within the city through public transportation. Should you need to plan a road trip or need a vehicle, renting a car once a month would be cheaper and sounds more practical instead of paying for the car insurance and parking costs. Furthermore, if you include paying for a car space to your rent cost, as well as the cost of parking at work, then it’s cheaper to rent than buy a car. This can go a long way on saving up some money.

2. Thinking of taking a road trip?

Here are the top reasons why people prefer a car rental for a long road trip.

  • When you rent a car, you instantly save wear and tear on your own vehicle.
  • It prevents adding mileage to your own car’s odometer that would decrease its value.
  • You can save money by selecting a rental car that has better gas mileage than your own vehicle.
  • A wise rental decision can keep you and your friends feeling luxurious and relaxed offering more seating options and sufficient room for your luggage.

Heading to Australia? With a cheap car hire in Melbourne,  you can travel the great Great Ocean Road, known to be one of the most fancied road trips in the world. Also, there are many location options to select from which include popular tourist spots in Brisbane,  Perth, Adelaide, and Gold Coast.

3. Running errands around town

When travelling, a hire car makes more sense financially as it is more cost effective than using a car from getting around. It is also much more practical than having your members of the family or friends drive you around while you are visiting them.

Another advantage is when you are planning on moving or transporting huge items, while it might be difficult to find a truck or large car to borrow, you can regularly rent one. As a matter of fact you can even split the cost with your friends if you have several people who need to move just one or two large items. In doing so, you can all save time and money. Considering a car share is a good alternative for these types of errands.

4. Celebrations, parties and special occasions

For special occasions, such as prom or your wedding day, it’s important to make a grand entrance. And what striking way to arrive in style than to upgrade your car by means of renting. Making a car rental every now and then will save you money than having to buy a luxury and stylish vehicle to use every day.

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5. Vacations

Looking for the best vacation spot, or are you wondering where to take your kids this summer? Whether you want to visit the majestic Opera House of Sydney, relax and unwind on a beach in Queenstown South Island, come face to face with the iconic Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, or explore all the state of New York – opting for a car rental through VroomVroomVroom can make your trip a lot easier and less stressful. Two minutes is all you need to book a hire car with us.

So whether you are searching for a cheap car hire or a luxury vehicle, we can help you find your dream car rental. We also compare cheap rental cars in different parts of the world including the USNew ZealandCanada, and UK.

Let us know: do you prefer renting a car instead of buying?

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