VroomVroomVroom Manila Workshop 2016

Mike Boyd and Theresa Wagner
VroomVroomVroom CEO Mike Boyd and Director of Operations Theresa Wagner

The Vroomsters in Manila recently gathered at the annual workshop headed by VroomVroomVroom CEO Mike Boyd. He was joined by Director of Operations Theresa Wagner and her Executive Assistant Natalie Archer. Last year’s workshop was a success and this year was no different.

We viewed a video of Robin Sharma’s “Big Lessons” wherein he revealed his secrets on how to become a better version of you. Some of the key points that the Canadian speaker discussed include small wins, asking for what you want, making time for a workout, aiming for long-term success, and achieving your dreams.

Mike also shared his journey to success which inspired most of us to work hard and achieve what we really want in life – it may be as simple as planning a daily workout to stay fit or as big as building an empire. Apart from inspiring talks and videos, the Vroomsters also enjoyed the activities that our managers prepared for the day.

The songwriting competition highlighted the talents of each individual. We had a lot of fun composing a song about VroomVroomVroom or about what we have learned. Each team showcased a different music genre – from the Awesome Band’s original reggae composition to VH a.k.a Fellaz’ energetic mashup.

We also had an eating contest where we got to try authentic Aussie specialties. Last year, some of us had a hard time finishing our crackers with vegemite since the taste was quite new to us. Thankfully, this year’s challenge was easier. Chocolate bullets were eaten by all – a licorice lolly covered in chocolate.
VVV Manila Team wacky
VroomVroomVroom Manila team with Mike Boyd, Theresa Wagner,
and Natalie Archer

The VroomVroomVroom workshop was not only a day of learning, but also a day of reflection and having fun. Management always encourage us to be the best we can be – and we really appreciate that they organize these workshops for us outside of the office. Maybe next year, one of us would share to the team that he/she has already built his/her own empire.

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