VroomVroomVroom Brings The Team Closer With AMA

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VroomVroomVroom Brisbane Team

AMA which stands for “Ask Me Anything” is a concept that has been used in Reddit for quite some time. Users get a chance to ask politicians, celebrities and other well-known personalities anything they want. After posting their questions, they get to vote for the queries they most want the interviewee to answer.

VroomVroomVroom thinks that this concept is a great way of bringing team members closer to their managers. This brings transparency to the company and anonymity gives confidence to the participants to ask about almost anything.  It may be as mundane as, “Can we get a massage chair for the office?” or abstract, such as “How would you feel leaving Matt Damon in space?”

We all know that CEOs and managers don’t have endless time to answer all their employees’ concerns. By conducting a regular AMA session, Vroomsters gain more knowledge about what’s happening in the company, future plans and goals, and even get to know their CEO Mike Boyd on a more personal level.

VroomVroomVroom Manila Team
VroomVroomVroom Manila Team with Director of Operations Theresa Wagner and CEO Mike Boyd

VroomVroomVroom is an award-winning Australian company but their employees are located in different parts of the world with main offices in Brisbane and Manila, Philippines. The AMA is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together and let their voices be heard. It is really awesome knowing that our CEO Mike Boyd and Director of Operations Theresa Wagner are open to this concept; this means that they really do care about their team who they consider as their family. I can’t wait for the next “Ask Me Anything” session with our leaders – maybe I should start listing my questions right now!

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