10 Amazing Things Ever Caught on Dash Cam

Today we look at 10 of the world’s most amazing dash cam recordings. VroomVroomVroom hopes you never have to deal with any of these when driving a hire car.

We help you find the cheapest car rental rates around the world, but what if a minor accident happens on the road and the driver at fault tries to get away?

While we can’t recommend that anyone chase down another driver, the owner of this Mercedes in Russia wasn’t going to allow a hit and run! And another driver’s dash cam recorded the amazing chase.

Hazardous materials (sometimes called Hazmat) are transported via trucks on highways in many countries, but we’ve never seen an accident cause a horrible series of explosions like this.

Our first two videos were from Russian dash cams, but now we travel to Canada for a very close call on a steep, snowy road.

Witness how’s it like escaping the wildfire in Fort McMurray early this year.

Meanwhile, on a wet road in Brisbane, Australia┬áin 2013…

Men are commonly involved in road rage fights, but this woman in Sydney just can’t seem to control her temper.

It was a perfect sunny day to go driving in the UK when suddenly a tire flies through the windscreen!

Instead of a tire, a plane hits a bridge in Taipei and luckily no car was hit during the incident.

And now it’s back to Russia for several dash cam angles of the meteor explosion back in 2013.

New Zealand also had a meteor shower caught on dash cam back in 2015.

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