DJ and producer Dannic, who is Daan Romers (in real life), is one of the mighty names to have emerged from the new generation of Dutch artists breaking through in recent years. His exceptional rise of 44 places to take the #30 spot in the 2014 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll, followed by a further jump of four more places to take the #26 spot in the 2015 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll only proves to tastemakers that he is set to remain an influential driving force within the EDM (electronic dance music) scene.

His signature productions have scored collaboration requests from the hottest producers in the industry as his outstanding work continues to excite and thrill with every release.

So far the world has seen Dannic wow audiences playing epic sets on the main stage of Digital Dreams in Canada, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Creamfields in the UK, Sunset Music Festival in US, Escapade Music Festival in Canada, Paradiso Festival in the US, EDC NY, Electric Love festival in Salzburg, Sunrise Festival in Poland, Veld Music Festival in Toronto, Chasing Summer festival in Calgary and a legendary, homecoming, show at the worlds oldest electronic music festival Mysteryland in the Netherlands.

He has also connected with his Asian fans having successful shows in Singapore, Korea, India,  Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. And with a huge summer of festivals and Ibiza dates under his belt, in addition to a further rise in last year’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, there’s no denying that Dannic will continue to grow at an unstoppable rate.

Find out what makes this technically gifted Dutch such a successful musician in this exclusive interview. VroomVroomVroom’s Jayson Paor struck it lucky.

For a true artist whose passion is making music, I feel you want to make a change for the better, but on a bigger scale – what is your ultimate direction for yourself?

The ultimate direction is to keep focusing on my productions and my label Fonk Recordings. Launching the label was a big decision but I want to focus on the business side also, amplifying new artists and supporting talent with the platform.

Right now, what thrilling experiences do you value most in life?

Travelling with my job, you know it feels extraordinary to experience so many cultures through playing and producing my music around the world.

What was your favourite memory growing up?

Going through my Grandad’s record collection, he really inspired me to appreciate music of all genres.

Tell us more about your latest music video Light the Sky? Also, do you want to tease us what’s coming up for the rest of 2016 for you? 

I had so much fun working on that track and we wanted a fun video to go with it! The vibe that you can party anywhere with the track because it carries that feeling, working with Aïrto was great too. For the rest of the year, I have dates in China, Tokyo and Europe before a whole Summer of festivals including Tomorrowland! You can keep up to date and follow me on Snapchat at ‘realdannic’.  [ Smiles. ]

Watch the official music video below:

Do you still listen to your own music (or play your songs) when you travel?

I work on finalizing tracks and remixes when I travel but usually I save that for the studio

You must have tour and visited a lot of beautiful cities and countries already. But can you share us your Top 5 favourite travel destinations in the entire world and why?

1. Canada is always fun, we went there last time I did the Revealed Recordings bus tour, I remember it being so cold! Always great to go back to venues like New City Gas in Montreal to headline too.

2. China is amazing, as is the whole of Asia! The culture and food are some of my favorite in the world.

3. Brazil! For the carnival fun and the beautiful venues like Green Valley.

4. Ibiza because of the top line-ups and venues every Summer, they can’t be beaten, you know?

5. Miami gets crazy in March, I was just out there for Music Week and Ultra Music Festival a few weeks ago, always a huge party vibe and a great place to test new tracks.

You have played and toured in Australia– what are your favourite cities?

Yeah, I went out there for Future Music Fest a few years ago, would love to go back and see more!

Are there any places or activities that make you feel the most grounded in who you are today?

Whenever I am home! Because I’m lucky enough to travel so much, as soon as I return back to Breda I want to just relax and catch up with family and friends, that makes me feel the most grounded, when I’m back to “normal”. [ Smiles. ]

How do you prepare yourself for touring? Is it easy (or always difficult) to live and work on the road?

It’s important to stay grounded with family and friends as I said earlier. It can be quite lonely on the road if you don’t have a good team around you, which luckily I do!

What are your favourite snacks to bring (or eat) on the tour when travelling?

I try to eat as healthy as I can so some local fresh food would be nice, Asian food is one of my favourites.

When travelling, what’s your ultimate travel must-have and other items you can’t live without?

My Senneheiser headphones, not just for when I’m playing but to also check out new demos for Fonk Recordings. I always have Dannic merch with me to get everyone involved at the shows too!


When not working, how do you pamper yourself? What’s your idea of fun?

I like to relax with family and friends and eating out, being sociable is what I really like to do. I took my first vacation in a while just before Christmas to Cuba, such a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

If you could have your dream car, would it be a classic, sports, muscle, cruise, SUV – or all of the above?

Who wouldn’t love a sports car?! But I think a classic car would be my dream one to cruise around in!

Choose between money, power, love or fame – which one would you go for and why?

All you need is love!

You are headlining festivals worldwide, running your own label Fonk Recordings, producing outstanding works to support new artists, and is at # 26 in the DJ Mag Top100. What’s has been the magic formula for success and what’s next for you?

There is no magic formula! I want to work hard in making Fonk Recordings one of the leading labels in dance music, that is my goal, to keep moving forward.

How has your definition of success changed over the course of (your) ‘highs and lows’ in the EDM scene?

Success used to be about one big chart hit or making a huge headlining show but to me it’s working hard, collaborating with great people and playing at the events I dreamed of since I was younger.

What recommendations would you make for those of us who are trying to maintain a balance between work, family, writing and performing, and personal time?

As long as you love what you’re doing it doesn’t feel like “work”. Follow your passion, look after yourself and surround yourself with a great team, then the balance will fall into place.  [ Smiles. ]

Finally, what do you hope people take away from your music and from your shows and performances?

That my audiences can feel together on the dance floor, or connected through my music.


You can connect with DJ Dannic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, SoundCloud, Beatport and YouTube; or visit his official website at for the latest news, merchandise and tour dates.

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