TSKF Lang Park Goes VroomVroomVroom at The National Training Seminar and Competition

VroomVroomVroom would like to congratulate TSKF Lang Park for completing the National Training Seminar and Competition. The club’s name stands for Traditional Shotokan Karate-do Federation and they have dojos located all over Australia including the one in Lang Park, Queensland headed by Ben Skennar (4th Dan).

TSKF Lang Park
TSKF Lang Park team showing off their medals and trophies

We love hearing stories from our happy customers that’s why we are delighted to share the car rental booking experience of Rebecca Thatcher and her team. Here’s what she wrote us:

“Just wanting to let you know what an amazing service you provide at VroomVroomVroom. We were absolutely blown away with the deal we got in the end.

TSKF Lang Park team in their car hire

Our club recently attended our National training seminar and competition in Mornington, Victoria. I got onto the VroomVroomVroom website early on and booked a ‘People Mover’ for $921.34 + insurance.  At the time, we thought this was a pretty good deal.  On Tuesday prior to travel, I thought I’d see how much the car had gone up to only to find the prices had dropped.

Not believing my eyes, I made another booking for the same type of vehicle but this time it was for $352.70+ insurance. I thought it was too good to be true and was prepared for the catch when I called Avis the next day to confirm prior to cancelling the original booking. Nope. All was as originally promised. I was able to cancel the original booking with ease and no penalties and save our party $568.64.

We’ve been telling anyone who will listen about our amazing experience, knowing full well that we were extremely lucky to have the price actually fall rather than the usual rise. Thanks again. I can’t express enough how wonderful this experience was. Our Club has no funding and we have limited fund raising ability so this was a huge saving for our members who attended.”

We at VroomVroomVroom always aim to provide excellent service to our customers and hearing about the experience of TSKF Lang Park made us really happy so if you have other stories to share, please feel free to email us at marketing@vroomvroomvroom.com.au. Good luck to Rebecca and her team as they head to Gold Coast next year and off to South Australia in 2018!

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