Top 5 U.S. Cities To Rent A Car


Places in the United States where rental cars are most in demand

More people prefer renting a car than riding public transportation when travelling to a new place. Why? Because it gives them comfort and freedom to go anywhere they want – and it could be cheaper too when you find great deals! Whether you are travelling to the United States for a business trip or for an epic American road trip, a rental car will surely come in handy.

According to a new study shared by Future Market Insights, the global car rental market is divided into seven regions with North America being the most prominent regional market. The demand in rental cars continues to increase because of the online presence of many car rental companies and comparison sites such as VroomVroomVroom. Other factors include the growth in tourism, technological developments, and high consumer spending.

In the United States, renting a car is quite common and there are depots located all across the country which makes it easier to find a rental car. But which cities have the highest demand in rental cars? VroomVroomVroom has come up with 5 of the most popular cities in the US to rent a car based on our data last year. We also shared some possible reasons why these places are car rental-friendly.

Los Angeles

Pacific Coast Highway at Garrapata State Park, California

Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles dominated the car rental market in the US based on our data. This is the perfect place to drive around with a car rental because of its scenic drives. If you prefer exploring the city, then go celebrity sighting along Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip. For amazing views of the ocean, cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway and Palos Verdes Drive. If you want to check out the inlands, head to Mulholland Drive and Angeles Crest.


City street view in Boston

Boston has narrow streets and the parking spaces are small that’s why it is advisable to book a compact car so you can easily navigate within the city. Its rich culture and history are reasons so many people visit the city. There are also stunning scenic drives nearby including the Battle Road Scenic Byway which passes by Minute Man National Historical Park and the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway where you can enjoy relaxing ocean views.

San Francisco 

Long road to Alcatraz Island

When you think of San Francisco, the first thing that will pop into your head is the Golden Gate Bridge which connects the city to the northern counties in California. For the best car rental experience in San Francisco, head to the 49-Mile Scenic Drive which highlights the city’s main attractions including the Civic Center Plaza, Alcatraz, the Transamerica Pyramid, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. Avoid passing by Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf during rush hour because the area can get congested with both cars and pedestrians.

New York

Times Square, New York

The fast-paced and vibrant city is popular amongst tourists because of its iconic landmarks including the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. Despite the traffic, people still rent a car because there’s more to see in New York and its surrounding area. Its highways and byways make it easier to access any destination. The best place to start your road trip is in Upstate NY where you can find some of the best driving routes including the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway and US Route 20.


Crest House Mt. Evans building ruins in Colorado

The best place to start a road trip adventure is in the capital city of Colorado. You can begin within the metropolis and enjoy the 19th century buildings and museums. If you are renting a 4 x 4, then you can head to Guanella Pass Road, which is a dirt road that offers spectacular views of the mountain. If you are planning to rent an ordinary car, then enjoy the paved routes near Denver including Mount Evans Scenic Byway and Peak to Peak Scenic Byway.

Our list of most popular cites to rent a car in the US is based on VroomVroomVroom’s statistics in 2015. There are many amazing scenic routes in the country that is best explored with a car rental – and we can help you find a reliable and affordable rental car to start your American road trip adventure. What is your favorite place to drive around?

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