VroomVroomVroom proudly supports Bravehearts


VroomVroomVroom is proud to have joined forces with Bravehearts, to help the organisation achieve their mission in shaping Australia as the most nurturing place in the world to bring up a child, by the end of 2020.

The continuing partnership between Bravehearts – Australia’s top child protection support centre – and VroomVroomVroom aspires to boost support for child victims of sexual assault, to strongly guard children from harm through education and awareness and to have the bravery and honor to defend children regardless of how severe the call.

Great cause

In 2010, VroomVroomVroom pledged a company vehicle to Bravehearts, which is now embellished with their trademark purple paint job and logos. The car is used by the Bravehearts people for charity events and fundraisers. VroomVroomVroom takes great pride in giving hope to all Aussie kids.

Set up in 1997, Bravehearts founder and CEO Hetty Johnston has triumphantly brought this once taboo issue out of the shadows. As a result of her persistence, this important cause was approved and recognised by the Commonwealth Government and its COAG partners through the National Framework for the Protection of Australia’s Children (2009-2020).

Stationed in four states across the Eastern sea board with headquarters in Queensland and offices in New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria, Bravehearts gives counselling and assistance for survivors and child victims of sexual assault and their families. It also provides individual and group counselling.

20th Annual White Balloon Day

Celebrate the 20th Annual White Balloon Day on September 9 by making a donation and participating in a fundraising event.

More than 1000 events happened across Australia last year to raise funds and share Bravehearts’ Vision to make Australia the safest place in the world to nurture a child. Money raised aided 83,500 kids with personal safety and helped a further 5000 kids and their families with specialist services.

Interested in donating and participating via whiteballoondday.com.au? Now is the perfect time to make an online offering to Bravehearts. Simply contact them at 07 5552 3000 or 1800 272 831, or visit their website www.bravehearts.org.au to get more information.

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