How To Make This New Year Your Best Year

Tips on having a more fruitful and prosperous 2016


New Year signifies the beginning of a new chapter in a person’s life. It could mean having a new life, new love, or new career. As 2015 ends, some people look back at all their success and failures because that’s how they learn how to become a better person. Everyone dreams of having a good life, but oftentimes they aren’t sure which steps to take to achieve what they want.

Before facing 2016, VroomVroomVroom would like to share some tips from inspirational speaker Robin Sharma. He has helped many individuals and organizations including us to be the best in what we do. We hope that the following tips will make this new year your best year!



Grab a piece of paper, or even better, use a journal to list down the things that you need to celebrate in 2015. This includes all of your achievements – may they be big or small. Also jot down the things you have done that made you appreciate yourself more. By doing so, this will give you more confidence and boost your energy.


After listing down your wins, write down the three best lessons (whether it is business or academic) that you have learned in 2015. Then make a list of the life lessons that you have learned. Try to recall what you were doing at the time you achieved a win so you will know what works for you best.



List down your Big 5 for the new year. So what are these? These are things that you would like to happen between January 1st and December 31st of 2016. This will help you focus on your goals because you know what you are aiming for. After listing down your main goals, think of your top 5 values – it could be independence, well-being, or relationships – because these will drive your behavior.

Write down your top 15 goals for 2016. Robin Sharma’s formula is simple: “Creativity + Audacity = Mastery.” Try to dream big and broaden your vision even if this will make you feel uncomfortable and nervous. Once you have overcome that feeling, it will come naturally for you to take risks.


Create a month by month plan. List down the things that you wanted to happen in January followed by February and so on. This should also include your plan for execution to guide you on how you will achieve your goals.



Visualize with vivid colors what your life would look like when you achieve all of your goals in 2016. Try to revisit that image and internalize because the more you do that, then your behavior will be aligned with that expectation.

We hope that these tips will help you achieve all your goals in 2016. Just like what Robin Sharma said, “Dream Big. Start small. Act now!”

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