Interview with Abigail King of Inside The Travel Lab

VroomVroomVroom had a chance to interview one of the most prestigious travel bloggers today, Abigail King, who is the person behind the website Inside The Travel Lab. Some of her articles were featured in the Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler, and Conde Nast Traveler.

Abi with ice sculpture in Sweden
Abi with ice sculpture in Sweden

I’m sure you’re wondering where she got the name of her blog. Well, Inside the Travel Lab was inspired by her previous job. Before she became a writer, she used to be a doctor in Emergency Medicine. During our chat, Abi revealed the reason why she gave up her career and chased her other dream – which is to become a writer.

Having traveled to more than 50 countries worldwide, Abi revealed that the most amazing place she’s been to is Madagascar because of its incredible landscape, fantastic beaches, and friendly people. If you still haven’t made any plans for the coming holiday season, she suggests you visit the Caribbean where it is fun, safe, and sunny or check out the Christmas markets in Europe especially those in Germany.

Abi across the Big Ben in London/ photo credit: Veerle Evens

One of the best ways to explore a new place is with a car rental and Abigail King shared to us her favorite road trip destinations. Some of the most beautiful scenery she has seen on a rental car journey was along the Great Ocean Road in Australia. She also recommends Morocco and Wicklow National Park in Dublin for those who are in search of scenic drives.

Many newbie bloggers look up to established travel writers such as Abigail King. She was kind enough to share some advice to those who are planning to start up their own travel blog. One line that struck me was: “Find your voice… find out how you see the world that is just you.” That clearly makes sense because readers nowadays are looking for something unique.

Abi shooting some photos/ photo credit: Veerle Evens

On a lighter note, Abi was sport enough to answer the usual question we ask our travel bloggers: If your life will be made into a movie, what title will you give it and which actress do you want to portray you? Her choice of actress was Angelina Jolie and the title of her movie would be “Feeling Alive.” Great choice and I will definitely watch it if someone would produce it.

If you want to hear more about VroomVroomVroom’s exclusive interview with Abigail King, please watch the video below:

Check out the latest travel adventure as well as useful guide and tips from Abigail King in her blog site Inside the Travel Lab or in any of her her social media accounts below.


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