Lost in Translation: Helping Trans-Tasman Relations

There’s nothing like a big Trans-Tasman sporting clash to get the Aussie versus Kiwi rivalry going, and there is no clash more super-sized than the Rugby World Cup final. We are similar in many ways, but like any close relatives, so different in others. Here’s some tips to better understand the differences between New Zild, and Strine:


When rugby supporters run out of room in their beer fridge this weekend, the Aussies will dig out the esky while the Kiwis will put their extra bevvies in the chilly-bin.

Probably not warm enough for the jandals yet in New Zealand, but in Oz, they are already in their thongs. Watching rugby in your thongs will raise eye-brows in NZ, that’s a type of ‘cheeky’ underwear.

With the time difference to the UK, watching the game down under will involve an early morning start, maybe with your doona in Australia, or your duvet over the ditch.

rugby 2

If you’re lucky, you might be watching from the bach at the beach in New Zealand or your own Bonniedoon in Aussie. How’s that serenity?

If tensions arise, the Kiwis are likely to say, handle the jandal, chur bro, everything is Kapai! To an over-excited Aussie, don’t flip your lid mate!

There’ll be plenty of advice for the ref, no pressure! If he gets it wrong, an Australian may say he’s a dill, the kiwis will call him an egg. If he gets the call right, ‘You beauty!’

A win to New Zealand would sure be choice, to the Aussie’s bloody bonza!

Whoever’s the winner, we can all look forward to summer. It’ll be togs for swimming in NZ, your cozzies in Aussie.
At the barbie the Australians will get out the snags, the kiwis will put on the sizzlers. We can keep on arguing who really invented pavlova and flat whites, who claims Split Enz ,Phar Lap or Stan Walker but we will always agree that Down Under is the best part of the world.

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Written by Carolyn Cossey, VroomVroomVroom’s only New Zild based writer. No sheep shaggin’ comments please!

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