Aussies Enjoy Driving Around the World


Nothing can beat the Australian drivers who are daringly eager in showcasing their motoring skills particularly on the multi-lane roads, even if it’s driving around in the famous traffic jams of crowded and busiest cities such as Honolulu, Las Vegas, Seattle and Denver in the Unites States.

A recent report released by travel site revealed that Los Angeles is the leading and notorious location for Aussie drivers to rent cars. San Francisco is ranked No. 2 – a total of seven U.S. cities made it into the top 10 list.

Vancouver in Canada, London and Auckland completed the list for Australian car hire inquiries.

In addition, overseas hire car is continuing to grow in popularity as rates begin to rise to 70 percent in searches for rental car.

According to Kayak Asia Pacific Vice-President Debby Soo, “The road trip is in-built into Aussie culture, with more and more people hiring a car overseas in order to be mobile in their holiday destination.”

Unusual Driving Laws

However, Soo warned that travellers should also be aware of the insane driving laws in other countries before deciding to rent a car to be protected from unforeseen surprises.

These include a heavy fine on driving topless in Thailand, or if you are seen driving a filthy car in Russia, then you are in serious trouble. In the United Arab Emirates, drivers should give way to camels, while frowning at a police officer in New Jersey is fineable.

Other strange rules and fines include restrictions to drive a black car on Sundays in Colorado and a ban on full petrol cans being carried in cars in Croatia. One needs to check if there is a person “underneath” their car before they can drive in Denmark.

businessman-showing-his-driver-license-dp (1)

It is interesting to note that the figures given by the Australian Automobile Association disclose 230,000 Aussies are awarded with International Driving Permits annually. Although in several countries, having an IDP is not needed – instead, a valid driver license will suffice.

Except when you are in China, where you will be highly obliged to request for a permit in the country, and then successfully pass a theoretical and medical examination.

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