Cruisin’ with Asia’s Premiere Balladeer Christian Bautista

Christian Bautista
Photo courtesy of Universal Records Philippines

Christian Bautista is — and has become an oversized success mostly because he is — just a versatile guy.

Here on our Car Rental Blog, we often feature top travel bloggers from around the world. So interviewing well-known musicians and celebrities and discovering their varied interests, their favorite cars, their dream destinations, as well as their travel must-haves and what life on the road is really like, is a new and exciting feature.

They are exceptionally engaging and entertaining to talk with, but in many ways, celebs are just like you and me.

VroomVroomVroom content writer Jayson Paor recently had the chance to chat with singer and actor Christian Bautista from the Philippines.

Christian Bautista is only 33, but his CV is already stuffed with numerous awards, critical accolades and multi-platinum albums. And he doesn’t just dominate the music charts and the stage … Christian is a successful brand and he works hard to keep it that way. Through a carefully managed image, Asia’s Premiere Balladeer proves he can do it all by representing himself as a multifaceted performer, a romantic balladeer, a driven actor, a credible endorser, a winsome businessman, a loving son and brother, and a quintessential simple guy from Imus, Cavite.

Your latest single “Cruisin’” with Asia’s Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose rockets into the Top 6 on Pinoy MYX Countdown. What was it like shooting the video and working with her?
Working with Julie is a breeze. It’s always fun and exciting. Whether it’s a live performance or a video shoot. Hopefully we do more projects together. Click here if you want to watch the full video.

What exciting projects are you currently working on? I heard you’re already booked until November to tour and do shows abroad?
Yes, I will have a bunch of tours here and abroad for the Soundtrack album and the song “Two Forevers” with Jessica Sanchez. And maybe I can create and/or record more songs too!

What kind of music did you hear the most growing up? How does it differ from what you listen to now?
A mix of rock and roll, RnB, gospel and musical theater. I still listen to them up to now – classics and modern classics.

Do you listen to your own music (or play your songs) when you travel?
Sometimes, I do!

Can you name your Top 5 favorite road trip songs and why?
1. “Cruisin’” – Me and Julie Anne San Jose.
2. “Stop This Train” by John Mayer.
3. “Long Drive” by Jason Mraz.
4. “Your Universe” by Rico Blanco.
5. “Overdrive” by Eraserheads.

Do you have any favorite road trip snacks?
Mixed nuts with macadamia.

Do you enjoy reading when travelling? If yes, what would you like to recommend?
Yes! Try Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.

You travel a lot. But can you share us your Top 5 favorite travel destinations locally?
1. Tagaytay – cool breeze and great restaurants.
2. Boracay – great beach great tourist locations.
3. Intramuros, Manila – a taste of Filipino history.
4. Imus, Cavite – hometown memories and historical landmarks.
5. Cebu – it pretty much has everything!

Christian Bautista
Photo courtesy of Universal Records Philippines

We also want to know your Top 5 favorite travel destinations abroad.
1. Rome – The Colosseum or Coliseum is there!
2. London – West End! Their parks are great too!
3. Singapore – such an efficient and safe city state! Good food too!
4. Japan – wonderful eye opening culture plus excellent food and tech!
5. Indonesia – great music great people!

Sometimes travel begins to feel repetitive. How do you keep each destination exciting?
Try to get lost and surprise yourself. [Smiles.] Usually, I walk around and go to the non-touristy places. When I get lost, I just ask a local where to go. [Smiles.] I surprise myself that getting lost was the best thing that happened because I found another great place.

Where do you want to travel on your next vacation and why?
Africa! I wanna go on a safari!

What’s your dream car?

What are your favorite cars to drive around the city and during long travel?
Mini Cooper and Ford Mustang!

What TV shows or series do you watch to kill time when you travel?
The Newsroom.

Have you tried renting a car yet when you travel abroad?
Not yet!

What’s your ultimate travel must-have?
Roaming cellphone with unlimited data plan!

Why do you think travelling around the world is important and can be very valuable?
You will learn and enjoy so many different things your world didn’t know about.

Is there any best or ideal time to travel?
Yes. Summer holidays. No rain!

What’s your standout moment of your trips?
It’s always the food. I get to eat their best local food!

Have you tried travelling alone?
Not yet!

Any helpful tips to share when you love travelling but you are on a tight budget?
Make sure you do your research.

I’m sure you love taking photographs while travelling. What’s the most stunning image ever captured on your camera?
The faces of the people living there!

Describe to us your perfect getaway?
Anywhere with stunning beach, sun and sand.

Finally, what’s the best lesson you have learned from travelling?
Be adventurous!

Christian Bautista

Christian Bautista
Photo courtesy of Universal Records Philippines

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