Top Road Rage Triggers in the United Kingdom

If you think that fast drivers trigger the most road rage in the United Kingdom, then you are wrong. Based on a recent survey, 34% of drivers in the UK are enraged by drivers who don’t use indicators; which is twice as much as speedy drivers.

Numerous cases of road rage deaths have been reported in the United Kingdom, which is quite alarming for British motorists. Last March, The Mirror reported that a mum of a five-year-old son and five-month-old daughter was killed in front of her children by another woman driver in North London.

According to The Independent, a decrease in traffic police numbers fueled the increase of road deaths in the UK. The authorities help combat dangerous drivers, drunk drivers, and motorists using their mobile phone while driving. The presence of traffic police can avoid road rage deaths and make the British motorists feel safer.

To avoid being a victim of road rage, check out the common triggers that enrage most people. Car Finance 2 Go conducted an online survey and asked 1002 British motorists what really grinds their gears. Check out the results below:

Drivers who don’t indicate: 34.30%

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Speeding drivers: 16.65%

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Rush hour traffic: 5.44%

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Driving too slowly: 15.02%

driving slowly
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Cyclists: 9.10%

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Bad parking: 5.10%

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Back-seat drivers: 4.39%

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