VroomVroomVroom Interviews Drew of TheHungryPartier Travel Blog

While in university, Drew studied abroad in Prague. When he returned home and graduated, he wanted to keep traveling. At first writing mostly for himself, a light bulb went off one day when he thought about what he really enjoys when he travels. “I like to eat and I like to party,” Drew stated in our newest VroomVroomVroom travel blogger interview. And a legend was born!

Photo courtesy of TheHungryPartier travel blog
Photo courtesy of TheHungryPartier travel blog

Drew took a 2-year position as an English language teacher in Korea and began to gather more & more travel experiences, soon developing his journal entries from Microsoft Word documents into a full-fledged travel/food/entertainment website, TheHungryPartier.com

It was my honor to recently interview The Hungry Partier, who was hanging out back at home in the USA. We discussed travel inspiration, how writing for school and writing for pleasure is different, and Drew’s recent scary experience in relation to travel to South Asia.

Mixing fun & international adventure stories with a lot of humor — if you’ve ever caught up at the local pub with your fun friends from school, you know what to expect — TheHungryPartier.com features sections on travel destinations, great food around the world, nightlife and EDM, and my personal favorite section, Crazy Stories! Now having explored over 50 countries, Drew is quickly becoming one of the USA’s most entertaining and informative young experts on travel.

Photo courtesy of TheHungryPartier travel blog
Photo courtesy of TheHungryPartier travel blog

TheHungryPartier.com has now become one of the hottest new travel blogs online, and it seems like the sky’s the limit for Drew’s readership and his fan base on social media channels.

Drew’s upcoming travel adventures will include a huge trip to Europe in July, and he’s sure to share all of the wild, fun, special and tasty experiences that he has over there! So keep visiting The Hungry Partier Blog — we know we will, because we’re hooked!

Follow Drew on his adventures (and check out his meals, of course): He’s @Drewbinsky7 on Twitter, and also on Facebook, on Instagram and on Pinterest.

He’s also a huge fan of receiving questions about travel, food, EDM and anything else, so send him an email at TheHungryPartier@gmail.com or send him a pic — he’s @drewbinsky on Snapchat!

Jason Dickson is Content Coordinator and a Car Rental Expert at VroomVroomVroom. He likes to eat, he likes to party, but now that he’s middle-aged, he also likes to fall asleep at 9:00pm and he attempts to pretend to still be young by wearing Teva sandals everywhere.

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