The Lang and Lariviere Guide to the Most Reliable Car Brands

Every car brand claims that they are the best – using phrases like BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, Jaguar’s “Born to Perform”, and Mercedes Benz’s “The Best Or Nothing.” We all know that they are writing catchy slogans for marketing purposes since their main goal is to sell cars. So how would we know if these automobile manufacturing companies are telling the truth?

There are several studies and research projects that have been conducted so that consumers may finally know which car brands are really reliable. Steven Lang, who has been a car dealer and auctioneer for more than 16 years, together with statistician Nick Lariviere, developed a long-term reliability study over the past 2 1/2 years.

Lang and Lariviere focused on two comparison levels: how specific models rank and how brands perform against competing brands. Their main objective is to find out if the car brands and models are really telling the truth or just deceiving their customers with clever slogans.

Before purchasing a new car, check out their list of the most reliable car brands below. This may help you save time and money – and the headache of going back and forth to the shop.

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  1. Toyota – The Camry and Corolla models dominate the sales of this car brand. When it comes to long-term reliability, the 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Avalon, and Sequoia ranked on top.
  2. Lexus – The luxury vehicle division of Toyota earned three spots in the top seven vehicles based on long-term reliability. On top of the list is the Lexus LS, together with the Toyota Land Cruiser.
  3. GMC – GMC was General Motors’ second largest-selling vehicle division in North America in 2014. The most reliable models include the Suburban SUV, the Savana full-sized van, and the Sierra truck.
  4. Honda – Despite the bad transmission issues faced by the Odyssey and Accord models, the Japanese automobile manufacturer still managed to get in the list of most reliable vehicles. The most notable models include the V6 Accord and Odyssey cars.
  5. Infiniti – Six of the 10 models from Nissan’s luxury vehicle division made it to the 15% of top quality cars. The Infiniti QX4, as well as the M35 and G37, are known for their long periods of trouble-free car ownership.
  6. Chevrolet – Also called Chevy, the American automobile brand’s full-sized SUVs and trucks became known as workhorses. When it comes to long-term reliability, the Corvette and the Corolla-based Prizm have proven their capability.
  7. Acura – The luxury vehicle of division of Honda also made it to the list despite the poor V-6 transmissions that they contained in the late 90s and early 2000s. Its four-cylinder models including the Acura TSX and Acura RSX are included among the top high-quality vehicles.
  8. Mitsubishi – The Japanese car brand was a real surprise because it has lived in the shadows of Honda, Toyota, and Nissan in the modern era. Most models that they sell do not feature newer, unproven technologies and electronics, which may contribute to saving them from technical issues. Their four-cylinder models are strong for long-term reliability.
  9. Scion – Another Toyota vehicle brand that made the list is the Scion, which was originally built for the Generation Y consumers. It is cheaper than a Mercedes-Benz, but they almost have the same long-term reliability.
  10. Mercedes-Benz – It is probably the most popular car brand in the list, but there are other car brands that have matched its performance. There are a number of Mercedes-Benz models that have the same transmissions and engines. For example, AMG developed the M159 engine in 2009 which is based on the M156 engine and to be used in SLS AMG. Their main priority is long-term customer satisfaction that’s why more people have been purchasing a Mercedes.

We hope that our list of the Most Reliable Car Brands will help you choose a vehicle or car rental in the future. Do you agree with the results? Please share your thoughts below.

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