VroomVroomVroom Interviews Will from GoingAwesomePlaces

What strikes you immediately when you listen to Will Tang talk about travel is that his passions are for new experiences and for learning about this world that we all share — and it’s contagious! There’s nothing greater than listening to a blogger who really enjoys what he writes about, and I really got that “itch” to get out and do something while interviewing him.

Will Tang
Travel blogging guru Will Tang in Vancouver, photo provided

“Inspired Luxury Adventure Travel” is the tagline of Will’s blog, and the creative force behind it can truly inspire people to live life to its fullest. We sat down for this recorded Google Hangout on what was a rare rainy day for those of us in Northern California and a harshly cold one in Southern Ontario for him. Although you never know what to expect when interviewing someone, Will definitely entertained and enlightened me with his thoughts about travel, and on his life so far.

Mr. Tang, who hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is not only the mastermind behind GoingAwesomePlaces.com, but he also helps those who want to learn or are still learning about blogging — and trust me, you never stop learning — at TravelBlogBreakthrough.com. Both before and after the video you can watch below, Will shared stories with me about seminars & conferences, tips & advice about blogging, and some pretty awesome thoughts about life & happiness. His willingness to give back to the Internet community that inspires him, as well as the effort that he puts into both of these projects, is impressive.

Some of my favorite articles written by Will include:

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All of the above are great examples of Will’s talent and thorough, detailed writing style, which Will mentioned to me is partially owed to his former life as an engineer and his experience in technical writing.

Check Will out on social media, I promise you won’t be disappointed. He’s on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter (please note that he’s @GoAwesomePlaces, about which Will laughs when saying he didn’t get the “ing” for “Going”) on iTunes for which he hosts The Travel Blog Breakthrough Podcast and on Pinterest (GoAwesomePlaces again)!

Enjoy the VroomVroomVroom interview with Will, and let us know in the Disqus box below if you are a travel blogger or reporter who would like to be featured on a future interview! Or, if you have a suggestion for one!

Jason Dickson is a Car Rental Expert and the Digital Content Coordinator for VroomVroomVroom. He also recently interviewed the blogger behind Dave’s Travel Corner.


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