Top 10 Car Repair Fails

After years of saving up, you have finally bought your first car! But that doesn’t end your expenses … because sooner or later, you will have to cash out to have your car fixed up. USA Today reported that the average age of cars and trucks on the U.S. roads is approximately 10.8 years. But repair costs often will still depend more on the car brand, how you use your car, and unforeseen events (e.g. road hazards and natural disasters).

Due to tight financial situations, some people find the most inexpensive way to repair their car – from using a CD to replace their side mirror to using a flashlight as a headlight. It’s amazing how creative some people can be when it comes to fixing up their car! But remember, you should never try to do any of these ideas with a car rental.

Here are VroomVroomVroom’s Top 10 Car Repair Fails, a list of questionable fixes that you will surely find amusing:

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Which one of these car repair fails do you think is the most creative? Do you have your own cheap car fixing tip that you would like to share with other readers? Let VroomVroomVroom know by posting in the Disqus comments box below! Happy driving!

Mic Florendo is a VroomVroomVroom Content Writer and Car Rental Expert. Whenever she isn’t laughing about car repair fails, she’s annoyed by train repair fails — check out her Commuter’s Traffic Survival Guide for Manila! And please don’t forget to visit for more hilarious fails!


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