Fastest Highways on Earth

"Maverick" Mitchell getting into Charlie's car - Top Gun, Paramount Pictures
“Maverick” Mitchell getting into Charlie’s car – Top Gun, Paramount Pictures

“I feel the need … The need, for speed!” – Tom Cruise, Top Gun

Motorists definitely can relate to ‘Maverick’ when it comes to going fast. Going from point A to point B is much more enjoyable with more speed. Nobody wants to spend hours driving within slow speed limits or crawling behind slowpoke vehicles.

Fortunately, there are a number of highways where motorists can legally push their cars – and even themselves – to the limit!

While US motorists don’t have an Autobahn, governments in several states are adopting higher speed limits. Texas leaves every other state in the dust for fast highway speeds with its 85MPH limit – the fastest highway in the US. Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah followed suit as well as America’s northern neighbor, Canada, which has also imposed higher speed limits on some of its highways.

If you are in Australia, you’re in luck. The Northern Territory government has removed the speed limit on Stuart Highway, allowing speedsters to blaze the 200-kilometer stretch of highway. Speed restrictions will be reinstated in February 2015, but Stuart Highway has already attracted motoring enthusiasts from other parts of Australia and other countries.

Speedsters from other parts of the globe need not worry, we at VroomVroomVroom have put together a list of highways where you can floor your gas pedals. Check out the infographic below:

Ten Fastest Highways on Earth infographic

But before you drive a rental car or your high performance car on these highways, remember to buckle up your seatbelts and drive safely according to your ability and the law.

Happy Driving!

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