Vehicle Purchasing Guide: The Best Cars for Families

One of the most difficult decisions parents have to face is choosing the best car for their families. There are many things to consider when buying a car, and the final decision can vary greatly depending on who is purchasing. Based on studies, American women have more of a huge influence on purchasing cars than men do. As the population of the U.S. has aged (the Baby Boomers are now retirees), there has also been an increase in women having driver’s licenses. You can see the statistics below:

Women and Cars

There are many reasons why a woman (mom, wife, or partner) may make the decision to purchase a car rather than a man deciding. One factor is haggling, because women are more comfortable doing that. According to Auto Remarketing, 33.3 % of female responders said negotiation “makes car buying a fun process” compared to only 25.1 % of men respondents who felt that way. Women may also be more levelheaded and more informed than men in the automobile showroom, based on a recent study published by MSN Money.

The Wall Street Journal has reported a new study that advises men who are looking for a new car to bring their wives. Around 67% of women order a car inspection during a lease transfer, while on 54% of men will, based on research by When buying a car for the family, it is wise to bring your wife and some even let their wives do all of the purchasing because she usually ends up getting a good deal.

If you need some help in choosing a vehicle, check out VroomVroomVroom’s Infographic on the Best Cars for Families. You can also test drive some of these vehicles by renting a car with us and heading on a road trip with your family. (Please note that most rental car providers won’t guarantee a specific make and model for your booking, and reserve the right to provide you a similar size vehicle depending on supply.)

Best Cars For Families


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