Trans-Tasman Driving Tips

Aus Road Sign

Have you ever been worried about driving in another country?

For Australians heading to New Zealand and vice versa, you will be pleased to know there is not much difference in the way you will drive.

No need to get stressed about driving on the wrong side of the road as both countries drive on the left side of the road.

Speed limits are also displayed in kilometers per hour and not miles per hour, so that helps as well.

There use to be Give Way rules in New Zealand that were different to the Give Way rules in Australia and I would often get confused when driving in each country. You can find out more about the new Give Way rules in New Zealand here.

NZ Road Sign

You can enjoy a 12 month road tripping get away in New Zealand if you hold an Australian license. You do not have to convert to a New Zealand license until 12 months after your arrival date.

And in Australia, New Zealand license holders have 3 months to convert to an Australian license. (These time periods are subject to change.)

If you are still concerned about driving in either country, read through the New Zealand Road Code or the Australian Road Rules.

Tia Hippolite is Content Manager and a Car Rental Expert for VroomVroomVroom. Born in Auckland, she lives and works in Brisbane. She recently wrote about her Four Wheel Midlife Crisis.

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