More Travelers Booking Using Mobile Devices, Report Says


According to a new report, more and more people are making their travel bookings using mobile devices.

The 2014 Travel Flash Report from Criteo found that “average booking value”, or the amount of money leaving a traveler’s pocket, is higher for car rental companies and for airlines — although not for hotels — when a person books using their smartphone or another mobile Internet connection.

Car rental booking value was 13% higher for the average person booking via his/her mobile device than the average person booking while using a desktop computer. Airplane ticket booking value was 20% higher for mobile users, but hotel booking value was actually 30% less for mobile.

Reporter Linda Fox of highlighted last week some of the report’s most intriguing points, in an article you can read here. The report covers activity from a thousand travel websites worldwide, between January 1st and June 30, 2014.

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