Furry Friends

Argos the WeimaranerIf you’re like me, you probably treat your furry friend as another family member (that’s my Weimaraner, Argos on the right). And if you’re like me you’re probably also guilty of some less-than-ideal practices when taking your furry friend for a drive in the car.

My dog is the size of a small horse, so he couldn’t sit on my lap even if he wanted to, but I know there have certainly been times when I’ve been distracted trying to get him to sit still in the back (no different to having kids in the car, really). Thankfully he’s usually pretty good and doesn’t get carsick; we even managed to drive from Sydney to Brisbane (1,000kms/621 miles) without incident… until nature called about 95% of the way home.

We’ve been doing some research and compiled some shocking stats below which show just how dangerous driving with your doggie (or other furry creature) can be! But don’t fret, pet. We’ve also included some handy hints to help you give your furry friend a fur-st class ride.

Luke Chapman is Marketing Manager and a car rental expert at VroomVroomVroom. He recently wrote about The Great Rental Car Rip-off and interviewed Chris Christensen, the Amateur Traveler.

Driving with pets in the car

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