Is Your Country the Worst for Traffic Accidents? – A VroomVroomVroom Infographic

Canadian novelist Andrew Davidson wrote that “Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, often violently, just like love.” At VroomVroomVroom, we all hope that every time you drive a rental car — or for that matter, any vehicle — you don’t have to be involved in any traffic accident on the road.

But it’s worth noting, we think, the places with the most vehicles on those roads, as well as where in the world you most need to be careful. So here is an infographic for all of you, prepared by VroomVroomVroom car rental expert Jeffrey Barroga. It also contains some interesting facts about countries with declining numbers of traffic accidents, and the one country in the world with no traffic accidents reported!

Drive safely!

World Traffic Accident Facts (final)

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