Roadtrippin’ in Australia

Australia is a vast country with major landscape changes and environments that may affect your road trip plans. With different cities prone to freak weather surges and unforeseeable circumstances, it is extremely important to do some research before you intend to take a road trip.

Storm in BrisbaneConsider the region/s you plan to drive through and also the time of year. Make sure you have clear directions, so you do not find yourself lost or take the long way round.


On the outback roads and highways between major cities, it is not uncommon to see native animals in the wild like kangaroos and koalas.  It is also common for drivers to hit such animals. So a good tip is to be very alert and wide awake especially at night. If you do a long drive between cities, there are always rest spots to encourage you to pull over for a few hours to get some sleep. Use this to your advantage and take a break!

animals crossing the road ausYou may decide to road trip around Australia in a Rental Car or in a Campervan (RV-Rental). The Campervan option is becoming a very popular way for residents and visitors to see the country.

riding a vanFor more tips on driving in Australia check out this page.

This article was written by Tia Hippolite, Content Manager of VroomVroomVroom and a car rental expert. She’s from New Zealand, but travels almost everyday by car to Brisbane for work. 


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