Darth Vader Car from Hot Wheels

Darth Vader, also known as Anakin Skywalker before he fell to the dark side of the Force, is known for piloting a TIE fighter. But have you ever wondered what his car would be like if he had one? “Star Wars” fans who were at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego were lucky to get a glimpse of the real-life Darth Vader car.

Darth Vader TIE Fighter, photo credit: Ratomodeling.com

LucasFilm and Hot Wheels collaborated to create cool rides inspired by the popular sci-fi trilogy Star Wars. Mattel created a life-size version of the Darth Vader car and it was exhibited at their booth at Comic-Con. First look at the car and you will know who owns this ride because of the resemblance to the Vader mask. Car and Driver shared some cool facts about Hot Wheel’s Darth Vader car.

Darth Vader Car at Comic-Con, photo credit: adweek.com

It was based on the C5 Chevrolet Corvette and weighs about 50% lighter than the actual Corvette.  If you think that this car is for display only, then you are wrong.  The Darth Vader car has been road-tested and can reach a speed of up to 80-mph cruise. According to PCW Brands CEO, Billy Hammon, the car can reach a speed of up to 150-mph.  The wheels were custom-milled by US Mags Wheels and featured the iconic redline aesthetic of Hot Wheels. The car is fitted with a GM LS3 V-8 and has a 526 horsepower. Darth Vader seems like a guy who would go for an automatic shift gear, but he instead chose a six-speed manual shift gear with a drift brake.

Darth Vader car road test, photo credit: MotorTrend

The missiles placed on the side were made out of stainless steel and the side pipes are designed after the red lightsaber. The plate hood was inspired by the design of Darth Vader’s suit in The Empire Strikes Back. The hatch of the car can open like the helmet of Darth Vader with smoke coming out. The Darth Vader car won’t be complete without the audio effects and with the use of an iPad, the car can emit the trademark heavy breathing sound and can bring the lightsaber to life.

darth vader car hatch
Darth Vader car open hatch, photo credit: CNet.com

The genius who designed the Darth Vader car was deprived of Star Wars toys when he was a child and instead got Hot Wheels. Now Bryan Benedict had the privilege of creating his own Darth Vader car for Hot Wheels. It took him and his team seven weeks to finish the concept car.

Check out Hot Wheels’ video of the Darth Vader car:

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