Introducing Joefrey – PHP Developer (PH)

JoefreyName: Joefrey Cabanilla

Current role: PHP Web Developer

How long have you worked at VroomVroomVroom?: More than 2 months

What do you like best about working at VVV?: Exciting projects!

Favorite road trip memory: I had three days of road trip with my friends. We drove aimlessly going to the north and we got lost. We challenged ourselves by not asking directions and it turned out to be a great adventure. We saw different places, became acquainted with different people, tried different food, worked for a part time job, and many more. It’s the weirdest yet coolest road trip I’ve ever had.

What’s the most unusual item that could be found in your car (or if you don’t have a car, then bike, skateboard, rollerblades etc)?: A shoelace. No specific reason. One day I left it there and I always forget to get it back.

When you’re not hard at work, what can you be found doing?: Playing video games, watching anime and movies, reading manga, playing some sports

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