Introducing Jaime – PHP Developer (PH)

Jaime rzName: Jaime Hing III

Current role: PHP Developer (PH)

How long have you worked at VroomVroomVroom:? It’s my third month this June.

What do you like best about working at VVV?: The work and people. I love the work because it’s not tedious and I’m learning a lot from here. I love the people because they’re nice and fun to be with.

Favourite road trip memory: Just a simple night road trip with my friends. We had no destination. Just driving. But the favorite part of that road trip was when I put my head out of the car window while under the tunnel with lots of lights and speed of the car was fast.

What’s the most unusual item that could be found in your car (or if you don’t have a car, then bike, skateboard, rollerblades etc)?: A rhinoceros?

When you’re not hard at work, what can you be found doing? Playing instruments or play video games.


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